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Hey there sports fans Al here with the latest: 
Corrax the Seeker NEWS, 
CTS #1, Page 10
2012 copyright Alan Bennett and BBVA

As of this posting I should have page 10 of the book done.  This is a big deal because usually I would have another 12 pages to go before I was done with the work.  I will say that there is definitely a great consistency with the work since I had worked on Vega #4.  There is a greater amount of attention being paid to the wall back grounds of the book as well.  This attention makes for a much more pronounced complete work.  And thus more enjoyment for you reader.  
I am going to be defining Corrax's background history for you much in the same vein as Marvel used to do back during the early eighties with a quick flashback.   Hopefully not the huge montage that has already been seen.  John Byrne had already done that expertly in The Uncanny Xmen back in issue #138 "Eulogy".  If ever there was a mainstream super hero book to read about .
The Cosmic Ax I believe will have to be enplaned once Outpost 10 story line is put to bed.
There is always a reason why something is included and even if it looks cool there will be an origin of created for it.  I mean look at the Death Dealer comics that came out.  Just one image sparked enough interest to create an entire series around.
The next installments of CTS are to focus around THE ARKADIANS.  To most in the HUB they are nothing more than a myth to frighten the young but there is indications that they might exist and it is up to Corrax the Seeker to find out what happened back on Xandar Prime.  There will be more on them as time goes on.  Let's just say that they are the first to come across the Seedling Suits floating around in the Vega Universe.

The mythology continues to grow.

The scratchboards and clayboards.  As shows begin to creep ever closer even though there is nearly a half a year left before the big shows new images keep cropping up.  
"NEW DAWN" 5"x7" clayboard 2012 copyright
Alan Bennett and BBVA

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