Thursday, May 30, 2013


Hey there sports fans, Al here with the latest: 

And so is the first here and gone.  And I will say right out the gate was a good show.  Now unlike the comic book shows that I have gone this show it seems to be packed with lots of merchandise that you wouldn't normally see at a comicon.  Corpse Cop almost looks normal in this kind of set up.
  The first sale of the day was a gentleman named Mike who hit me up for doing a commission for him based upon a character of his.  A demon of some kind  looked like a cross between a balrog, a Minotaur and a bat.  Obviously, a critter that would have erupted from hell.
  But the cool thing for me is partial payment being paid on the spot said volumes to me.  So yet another commission is to be made.
The second sale was at the end of the show.  Now mind you another one of my friends at the, 
Devon S. Devereaux , had a podcast of the 15 things he has learned over the last 15 years he as been doing shows.  One of these was making sure that a customer never leaves your table without somthing in hand.  I agree with this and the buttons fill that spot for me.  Yay buttons!
George Leon. my table mate is a monster.  What can say about this guy.  He's freakin' prolific!  He is one of the fastest artists I know of.   If you haven't seen his work or know how fast this guy is when it comes whipping up work you have know idea what you are missing.  To see George's work check out   For more info about this show click here.
Buttons!  Black Box now has buttons for ¢.25 cents cheep or free with purchase of Comic. 
Kinda liking this little ditty.
The scratchboard work on the buttons didn't translate as well as I had hoped but the two Rat Priest buttons look awesome.
Prints!   Now there are prints available as well for $7 bucks. 
NOW it may have been some time since I worked on this guy but he has never been far from my thoughts when it came to dealing with the Zombie Apocalypse.  With Warm Bodies recently (which ranks up there with Fido) and Brad Pitt's World War Z coming up and the Walking Dead still going on I felt that it might be time to work on him again.  And honestly he is my best selling characters and title.
And a lot of my peers wanted to use him as well.
If sales go well there may be a new Corpse Cop book coming out with a slightly different look.  A look that carried over to my commissions.
I had my meeting with Eric Mimms of Rat Priest to talk about the details of album design.  Now from a punkers pov talking smack about religion- especially when the latest pope stepped down from pulpit.  At least thats what I was going for.  But as good as the designs were a member of the group wanted a priest of an ancient order- something archaic.   And since this musician also happens to be a gammer of World of Warcraft and DnD it would allow me some free reign over the design.  And having been a player for one decade before moving to the Portland area I think I could do this sell on this.
The Real Costume for the Commission.
I know I already talked about this but I'll mention it again.
During the first day on Friday I did have a major bite.  Another commission came in.  And paid half up front.  Here is a couple shots for his outfit.
Two other people also hit me up for commissions one with a classic Iron Man (a 5"x7“)and another with a devilish mermaid (a 11“x14“).
But neither has gotten back to me as yet but the idea for a few large pieces may have been inspired by these interactions.
So commissions are doing well for the kid.
OF COURSE there always a few things that come out that inspire me and of course a creative mind like mine can't leave well enough alone so you'll understand the idea behind The SAVAGE POODLEMOTH MAN!
I belong to a facebook group called the Milkyway Scientists.  And they recently posted a image of what is called a
Venezuelan poodle moth.  I had just finished my Fly scratchboard piece when it hit me to make a faux movie poster about the greatest movies you never saw.  And the Poodle moth became my subject.
I am thinking that the mini will be a near full length comic story.  And it will be it a fifties style horror motif- a style of movie that I absolutely love.
Since it is a mini the style of artwork will reflect this.  "C" Horror for classic.
The title may be Another Weird Atomic Tales or Man V.S. Weird Science.
The first day generally went off without a hitch.  Pulled into the hotel just across the street is SEATAC airport.  We've gotten the set up done about a half hour before the show started.  The big commission changed the whole dynamic.  But actual cash on the barrelhead was a bit low so food or drink was on the down low.
But the evening turned out to be fun hanging out at the Biohazard room with free drinks was good.
The second day of the show was interesting as it was with a lot of other shows the first couple hours people walk and do the circuit walking around to see what they want to buy.
SO WITH THAT in mind a few sales between the scratchboards it was cool.
The evening again was filled tons of drinks and strange run ins with Big Jim and some sort of lap dancing taking place.
Watching people drag in slowly was kinda funny but I did have to point the finger at myself.  But I and George were doing better. 
But the rest of the day was rather abysmal but it found the show coming to a close.
The first thing that you will notice as a vendor or as a guest coming into the show is the sense of community.  It felt more open and welcoming than the comic book shows that I have attended over the last 14 years.   Now this is not saying that the other cons and shows are any less welcoming but there is a different kind of vibe.   For all I know it could just be the theme of the show.
2) Along with that community vibe you get a good feeling from the organizers of the place.  Every show has it's volunteers and these minions were more than happy to be there and help out.   As was the case when I needed some food but couldn't get away from the table.  Lo and behold a minion showed and took my basic order for a sub sandwich.  I knew it would take some time for him to get back.
And then after a period of time he was back.  When asked if there was any remuneration for his troubles he said no. Well I did not let his good dead go without something of mine so I gave him a scratchboard of War Ram.  As I could and George saw this kid was more than overwhelmed by this.   I thought "God I hope he doesn't vaporlock from joy."
3)  Celebrities.  Most shows that I have been too the celebrities are usually cordoned off from the rest of show especially ones like  Emerald City or Wizard World (though I had not participated with that show).  The celebs just walked around the tables and talked to people without issues.  It was cool.
There wasn't the "holier than thou" or "do you know who I am?"  thing. 
4) After show party.  Now I have been to a few after show parties but this one was great.  I mean really how can free booze isn't great?  Besides that they got stronger as the night progressed. 
5)  The cosplayers.   Now I know you have heard me bitch about this - especially after E.C.C.C. over the last couple of years but this time around it was nice because there wasn't many of them and they kept moving.  They did not linger in front of vendors for long.
1)  Like all shows there are those select members who are thinking outside of the box, and I do mean outside.  These people are exceeding rude and have no idea of how they come across to vendors or other guests. Social normally has been thrown out the window with these guys.  On three separate occasions our table was graced by these wonderful patrons.
The first had seen the buttons that my friend Rizzo had made for me at the last second.  His thing "You need to scan these at a higher DPI.".  Well thank you for your wonderful input.  Oh and by the way, you business card snatching pony tailed punk put that card back!     You think I want to do business with you?   Think again free swag monkey!
The second proponent of my ire was Big Jim (a phrase that George coined).  His deal was "Aren't you guys worried about copyrights?"
This was in reference to George's renditions of the Scooby Doo gang
as zombie hunters.  As far I know as long as your not making a profit from your fan art then there is no issue.   Then he bounced from our table with a slight smugness.  But there will be more on Big Jim later.
The 3rd was a guy I call Doctor Meatman.  I was just coming back the table from stretching my legs when I sat down and started working in my sketchbook.  He was already engaged in some crazy story.  Then as he proceeds to tell his story he says "Put down the pencil and listen."  WHat?!  EXCUSE ME?  Did I really have any reason to listen to your escapades in stuffing yourself with steak and not having to pay for it?  Last time I looked I was trying to sell my artwork to people who liked it.   When the zombie apocalypse happens I hope your first person they come for- with all the fixings.
These are the people that drive me to drink.
THE COMEDY GOLD THAT IS BIG JIM-  As George likes to say.
okay let's talk let's talk about the whole idea what comedy gold is with Big Jim. To me he was one of those kids who was left out in the field because he didn't hear the cow bell to come home.
To make this short and sweet This guy was still dressed as Zorro the Gay Blade and was following dudes into the restroom and was rumored to asking guys while standing in the stalls  "YA WANTA HEAR A JOKE?".  WTF?!  Last time I checked, dudes don't like being talked to while you're doing your business.  I mean really you're already concerned if you measure up well against the guy your standing next too let alone hear somebody standing behind you breathing  on your neck.   It got so bad that hotel security along with some hired security for the con had to confront Zorro and his mother.  Seriously his mother.  This guy was at least 36 years old.  C'mon.
But it wasn't until later the following day that he was again making his rounds like a cock clucking around a barn yard AND he was still wearing the same outfit.  Man the guy was must have been absolutely ripe! A good place for one air freshing pine trees.   It was then Geo then made the connection to the 70's action figure Big Jim and the Action Pack.   But in this case Big Jim had gone bad with his Torpedo Fist.  All sorts of jokes ensued from this point on.  "BIG JIM'S RESTROOM ACTION SET W/ KUNG-FU GRIP!"
ASIDE FROM THE HILARITY of that Mister Devon Devereaux of Cackling Imp Press was also doing his podcast of the show.  You can listen to it here.
Would I go back?  THAT IS A HELL YEAH!
And the kid is out of here!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Then there is Crypticon

Hey there sports fans, Al here with the latest:
In a weeks time I will be hanging in Seattle for the Crypticon with my good buddy George Leon and having a great time hanging with Geo.  If you haven't seen his work or know how fast this guy is when it comes whipping up work you have know idea what you are missing.  To see George's work check out  This will help out figuring out his kinda work.We are the true monsters of cock!
And Crypticon itself looms in the future like a dark storm rolling in over a valley. There are minor fears that I won't have everything I need for the show but I think I can live with that.   But as time goes on there wll be the Rose City show and Jet City show both later in the year.
But I am trying hard to meet my deadline.
If I haven't said this before this will be my first time to this show. 
But now looking forward the Crypticon show taking place near Seattle.  For more info about this show click here
The Fly- the original 5"x7" scratchboard
Robotman 5"x7" scratchboard
NOW one of the many issues that any creator has when having a successful show is this - "Did I bring enough stuff to sell?"
I know that I have already said this before but with the amount of work that has been coming up a few item will be missed at the show.   Postcards will be one of them unfortunately. But I hope I can have them ready by Rose City and I will also be looking into t-shirts as well to sell. 
BUT there is happy days to be had.  After a long and tiring day at work what did I find but a package addressed to moi.   As you can see from the jpeg Corpse Cop has arrived 4 days early(!!!) so the worries of not having the books to show are now out of the box.  Yay!  Arrival of books has always been a major deal for the kid before a show.  Money is always so tight when you're doing everything  - including eating- and other things get put on hold.  But in this case it's all good. 

These are the grand designs I am looking at as well.If the show goes well for the box (and me) there at Crypticon there may also be stand up banners behind the table as well as a new table cloth.  
Of course this might mean that my friend Angie might have to screen print a brand new Black Box icon for a new table cloth though I don't think she'll have a problem with that.

I have a meeting with Eric Mimms of Rat Priest to talk over the details of the Commission for him later today (Sunday).  I am sure this will be a good meeting.   If your wanting to look at some of the older blog for Black Box Comix you can check them out here. Black Box Comix Blog.
Or if you're interested in purchasing something that catches your eye  check out here on the Big Cartel web site.  Big Cartel.

And of course is always the backlog of comics here at Indyplanet.

And the kid is out of here!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Future and Crypticon

Hey there sports fans, Al here with the latest:
Well Stumptown has become a memory of the past but a much needed boost in sales and being appreciated in our own back yard I might add.  But now looking forward the Crypticon show taking place near Seattle.  For more info about this show click here
NOW one of the many issues that any creator has when having a successful show is this - "Did I bring enough stuff to sell?"  Well with the way art flew off the table and the reorder of Corpse Cop #1 and prints plus postcards I think I may be well stocked.  At least I hope I am anyway.
The Selection of New Work
BUT the big issue is do I have enough original pieces of art to sell?  No.   So I am feverishly working on cranking out new bits of art for that show.  Will I make my goal of replacing the 9 I sold at Stumptown.  I hope so Currently I have for on deck right now and about 5 left to go.  Two are color clayboards the other are my traditional scratchboards all 5"x7".  
I have a couple of weeks before George Leon and myself tread on up there but I think it will be fun and nice to get away from Portland for a time.
ALSO Corpse Cop is on it's way back and working hard to get postcards made and business cards at the same time.  I have a feeling that this will be a blast for this show.  Until Fall rolls around for the One Man show Scratch of the Dead and the BIG 300 show.
Now a old friend of mine back in the day which was a Wednesday by the way, has asked me to join his little gothy group to help out with a video blog for his podcast Velvet Coffin.  I have been able to help out a little especially in the regards of layout where the camera should be placed and some ideas of the lighting but also I guess I have also been brought in to help with scripting as well.  I don't know how much I can add to that but I will try to get it my wittiest best to make it fun and humorous all at the same time.
Plus I got to stand in and play a zombie delivery man at the same time and got filmed for it.  That was fun.
Well one job completed and waiting for the next to step up to plate for Rat Priest.  I have set up a time with my friend Eric to find out when and where, which image his band wants to go with and so on.  
And the kid is out of here!

Sunday, May 5, 2013


STUMPTOWN 2013 WAS A SMASHING SUCCESS!   At first I was thinking that having the show start at 12 instead 10  AM like the day before might be a bad idea but as a vendor for so many years before but Jason brought up a good point that a lot of creators party hard after that first day and come in with hangovers the next day so it might work out ok.  It did but you did have some late  vendor arrivals though.
We laughed.
But unlike the previous day where you would have people make the first couple hours a complete curicut through the venue we both had sales within the the first, say, 20 mins.  For both Jason and myself.

  And on top of this my friend Will whom I hadn't seen for nearly a year, I believe, stopped by and picked up the Judge Death scratchboard.  I am glad that he has a good home but now I crank out a new one and the other dead judges as well.  But it may be a fortuitous thing because Will is also an artist and he and Jason might be working on Son of P.F.B. the sequel to Pig Fucker Blues.
So there you go with that.   I will say that there is always a general feeling that emanates from folkes walking around the show. Unlike those shows in the past people seem to be in a better place financially than they were two years ago or so and now they could not only appreciate the art and the artistry of the work in front of them but actually support the creators as well for their efforts.
I will say there was one guy who kinda threw me off that came by the table and asked Jason and I what it would cost to make a copy of comic book.  At first, I thought he was talking a run of one issue, whether the book was in color or black and white and where you would be getting it printed at.
Then he revealed that he was only looking to make one single comic book.  He didn't bother to elaborate any more than that.  We had said if you were looking to make it local Kinko's would be the best way to keep the cost down for making a dummy copy of the book in question.  Of course he didn't like that response.  It seemed to me that he was fishing for an artist to draw up a story of his and that would be it.  But just one book mystified me as looked Jason after he stepped away our table and said to Jason "Why would you just make one book?  That doesn't make any sense to me.  one book seems to me to be just mental masturbation." 
I have know a lot of guys that could never finish a project because they couldn't leave it alone and kept tweeking their project.  These people in my opinion are much better artists than I but afraid to share what they have learned up to this point with their work.

NOW THE FUNNY thing is that after I got done was looking to celebrate my good run after Stumptown this year and talking to my bartender about it (and mind you this is after I have had already got two commissions out to work on plus the One Man show in October) Dan hit up for another art design for a t-shirt later in the year.  The following day while at work I got a Facebook Messenger message from Bryan Brooksby to see if I could cram out a piece of artwork for the back of their EP release next week.  Wow!  I was on deck now but I had to stick to my guns as to the money situation getting paid before I complete a work that I know won't have any other way of selling it.
  Fears were alleviated as I talked to him, so now on to the work at hand.
And the kid is out of here!

If your wanting to look at some of the older blog for Black Box Comix you can check them out here. Black Box Comix Blog.
Or if you're interested in purchasing something that catches your eye  check out here on the Big Cartel web site.  Big Cartel.

And of course is always the backlog of comics here at Indyplanet.