Friday, August 24, 2012

Gallery Work for late August

Hey there sports fans Al here with the latest:

Gallery Work- what can you say but hell yeah!
"In the nick of time"  16"X20" scratchboard 2010 copyright Alan Bennett and BBVA
"Pygmalion Modern" 9"X12" scratchboard
2012 copyright Alan Bennett and BBVA
"Decimation" 11"X14" scratchboard
2012 copyright Alan Bennett and BBVA
There's nothing quite like seeing art work that you put together (and in some cases) slapped together depending on that venue that you are attending.  Now that's true for this kid. I was sorry that I wasn't able to attend the art opening at the People's Art of Portland Gallery for the FanFare Show but I am hoping to make it down and take a look and document the work currently up.  I don't think that taking photos of my work with constitute a copyright infringement otherwise I am in big trouble with this show.
"JONN AI"  8"X10" scratchboard
2012 copyright Alan Bennett and BBVA

True Johnny Vega, Man of the Future may be at end currently but his alternate is still alive and kicking ass in a alternate universe.  I was really taken by the John Carter movie which I beilve didn't get a fair shake because some the plot line had already been seen before but it was a great movie and alternate time lines- c'mon what's not to love about these?  I have a couple of stories that are just milling around with character but well have wait and see what happens in 2014 for this happen.  I still have other CTS stories that need to be brought up and told.  There is a rich universe in Vega and it still grows and changes all the time.  It's freakin' awesome in it's scope!

  Now as of this posting, CTS #1 should be at the printers GiSi Marketing Group.  Thanks to Sean Harrington for helping out.  So everything is working out great for getting the new books for show to premiere at Rose City Comic Show this upcoming September.  
  As gallery work continues on I am prepping ten new 8"x8" pieces of scratchboard for this years BIG 200 show.  
  The first of the images is "The Masque".  Based upon my upcoming scratchboard gothic graphic novel, "Dreams of Elysium".   I hope to use part of the image for the cover.  
Which is kinda cool for me see come together.  For me at least a cover cements an idea into a actual beginning of a book.  If asked what "Dreams of Elysium" is I would respond "Its in the same vein of a old Hammer horror films mixed with a little Robinson Crusoe and a touch of mythology.   After watching Ridley Scott's "Gladiator" and the dreams that Maximus has of his wife and child with the large farm on the other side in Elysium (Heaven would be the equivalent) sparked the idea.  This was sparked by a images that I had worked on a couple years ago, nearly two and half to be close.  Of a large lizard erupting from the sand while two figures were caught in the surf. 
A scene from "Dreams of Elysium"  another work in progress.
 Fun times.
Of course the script is about two old so its needs a little buffing and polishing.
But I am slowly deconstructing the story piece by piece and putting it back together with spliced parts to make the transitions between parts of the story flow together easier for the reader to follow.   Mood is of major importance with this story.
And when it is unveiled it will be very apparent why I say that.
I am very excited about this project.

Friday, August 17, 2012

"What's with the Ax?"

Hey there sports fans, Al here with the latest:
New and Improved Cover issue #1 
Proposed cover for issue #2

Well currently all the editing for CTS #1 has been completed by my friend Jason Z Pott of NEOtrash Comix.  Thank you Jason!  Couldn't have done it without ya!  I hope this begins to be a pattern for the rest of this story arc if not more.
Now the real cool thing about this news is the only thing left to do is the physical printing of the book!
   AND close on the heals of issue #1 is CTS #2.  The cover you will have already seen but most of the second issue you will not.  Well maybe in only snippets for the next couple of months. 
  ALSO along those lines covers for issue #3 and #4 are being planned out as well. 
So as the story of the Seeker continues to grow so does the need for Corrax's background and history.  So I began looking through the Vega archives and I think I found a "why" to his existence.  This gives him the necessary reason to do what he does and adds to his already quirky  and dynamic personality.
  I gave you a hint already of what this is.  They both have popped up in a scene or two in issue one already.  What two things show up that are similar?
  This is your "Where is your
Waldo" moment folkes.
  This also falls under the "Indiana Jones Guilt factor" that was talked about two weeks ago. 
  This also plays into the history of Galactic Rangers and the formation of the HUB and why there are so many space fairing races in the book AND a partial why Methusla Kcon is such a bad guy.  And he will show up I promise you.
  Thats a lot to pack into a book but well worthwhile for action and adventure in space.

BESIDES THAT... CTS #1 is at the printers currently!


Well thats a good question.  The reason is like any comic artist it looked cool.  Since the time when I started looking at moving away from doing Vega and work on Corrax about two years ago.  I wanted to do something different other than just draw a anthropomorphic character.  So during a previous  Stumptown show I beefed up Corrax and cranked out a scratchboard piece with him leaping into action with ax in hand.
It looked really cool.
Why an ax?
I find that even though in the Vega Universe is set in the future, everyone uses blasters and the like of a archaic weapon , like an ax,  really stands out.  And with all the digital coloring work I have been doing I felt like I used could really make it sweet.  But now comes the inevitable question "What's with the Ax?  Why does it look different?"
That guy has some history (meaning the Ax).  Being influenced by books of
Michael Moorcock and his character Elric and the rest of the Eternal Champions, I wanted something like Stormbringer to be incorporated into the story line.  But to suit a space fantasy I had to have a sci fi origin for it.  Then there was Larry Niven's animated Star Trek episode called "The Slaver Weapon" I saw as a kid.  I loved the idea that a weapon could change shape and function.  So with both of these ideas in mind is how the ax came onto being.
There will be more surrounding this ancient device whether it to be good or bad has yet to be seen.
  This weapon is also something Corvis is seeking.

As with this post the handoff of the Godzilla piece has met with much enthusiasm and another commission as well.  Though I believe that this second commission will be vastly different in design.
OTHER PIECES that will be done:
Now one of the things that has kept me from showing my talent is the physical size of work.  5"X7"s at comic shows are awesome and I enjoy the fanfare but to be looked upon as a fine artist (and you don't need college accreditation for this because they teach you this) you need bigger work for presentation.
"AI" is one of them.  This was a alternate version of Vega and the Vega Universe.   Think John Carter of Mars and you got it. 

"In the nick of time"  16"x20" scratchboard 2012 Copyright Alan Bennett and BBVA

And this leads into 

Now if you have gotten this far reading you had to ask "What the heck dude, you have a regular blog out all the time and then you have a hiatus for about two weeks.  What gives?"  At the last bit of the first week as I was editing the digital files of CTS #1 I had received an email  invite via Facebook to show three piece of art in the grand ol' style of Sci-Fi/Fantasy!  Boy how i jumped on that ship!  So along with "In the nick of time" there is also "Pygmalion Modern"  from the Portland "Love in the Cloud" Show and "Decimation".
"Pygmalion Modern" 9"x12"
scratchboard 2012 Copyright
Alan Bennett and BBVA
"Decimation"  11"x14"
scratchboard 2012 Copyright
Alan Bennett and BBVA

What's even more interesting to me was the fact that as an artist you go down the list to look at the submissions firstly to see who is going to be in the show and secondly what are mediums that people are turning in.  How many people do you think that turned in stuff in scratchboard?  One, me.  So with large pieces and scratchboard they stand out and all of them are framed!  Sweet!
So if you happen to be in Portland Oregon between Aug. 18th though Sept. 9th Come and check out the FANFARE SHOW.
Now I am beginning to look towards the next and last show for the BIG 200 as well.

And there you go and this kid is outta here.