Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Tales so Far..

Hey there sport fans, Al here with the latest:
Its been an age (or at least it feels like it for the kid) since I posted something so it's time to drop some comic art science fantasy on ya!

NOW as you have read in the past on this blog you know that is the biggest ish I have with medium of comic books really isn't response or even acceptance at so-called local shows (and that is a big one in my book)! It's making a living doing what you love. 
And that just has never panned out for me.

I TURNED MY ATTENTION TO making solo art pieces for other types of local art shows and sold better in one year than I had selling comics in ten years. And with that, I went into making art for art shows and making commissions for other people. 

BUT THERE WAS that yearning to make that again which I so dearly cherished as a child (trust me, that inner kid ain't going away anytime soon!) by making comic books. 

SO in that light that I don't make any money on the comics I have decided to just make comics for myself from here on out. I still love doing them and making up wacky stories just to see how far I can take my illustrative ability. And humor too while making things to look cool and retro. That's the reason why I have been working on Richard Parker and Robot Monster A.K.A. Last Monster on EARTH!. 

....Corpse Cop #3 "Inhuman Torch" had been literally in a holding pattern for nearly 2 years December 8, 2014 technically. It's only now that I have been able to pay any attention to it. After a wash on a failed public tv program proposal, and other real life missteps I had this book done already and it lay just stilling my hard drive for a chance to make it in print to add it to the other Corpse Cop books that I had worked on over the last 7 years. Yes, there is only three other books
with him in it and a forth if you include him in Weird Atomic Tales crossover with Neotrash Comix. 

There has always been interest in this character and far greater than Johnny Vega and Corrax the Seeker.

I couldn't have gotten here with out that work. As an comic book artist and creator I'm now working in a time where cranking out books has to be digitally prepared within a very short period of time. Original artwork don't count for spit with a lot of collectors these days because a lot of them are having to spend their earnings on retirement! Sorry if that comes off a little bit snarky but it is a truth that us comic creators face every day we sit down at our drawing tables.  

Pages for both are being drawn up but there is still so much unfinished art that I don't want to showcase it till there is really some ink on the pages and boards being scratched - at lease half way done. 

I feel like I'm channeling Mark Schultz right now. He still produces a lot of work but has yet to come back to Xenozoic Tales to finish that story off which really I don't see that happening unfortunately. 

Corpse Cop is at the printer and should soon be up for sale. There are still a couple of tales that still need to be told and how do they (if they do?) tie into the Vegaverse?

There is that plus these comics from at 
There you will find that both my work and my former collaborator Dan Barton from the Pandora's Garage day showcasing his comic book "Big Ass Sword". 
And as always there are places for you to check out as well.

HOWEVER there are these books that I still need to add to the archive for Black Box Comix. And mind you there is website
and the facebook page 

The Website also has some new stuff added for the comic books featuring Corpse Cop.

I am outta of here.

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