Sunday, July 29, 2012

BBVA UPDATE for 7/29/12

Hey there sports fans, Al here with the latest:
Hopefully by this weekend I will have gotten the edits and proof read pages on CTS #1 back from my editor Jason Pott of NEOtrash Comix so CTS can move into its last phase- printing!
Even with that being done there are still the shows to attend and promote the series.  And I think know this to one of my weaker aspects of printing right now to proofreading my own work.
As a creator in the small press market (not vanity press)  marketing for your book or books is part of the deal being a self publisher.  For me as a owner of a small business, the creative process ends when the last page is colored.  Everything else is legwork to sell.
   And being good at recognizing your faults or rather weaknesses you look for help either free or pay to boost up potential sales. Most indipenant creators go the free route because they have all shot their wad just printing the books up. I know this because I've done that.  But sometimes you have to front the money to make it right.  
Like websites.  
It's unfortunate for Black Box Comix website is not more in comprehensive but I needed a web presence. 
Well I turn to my friend Adam Watson of Darkslinger Comics to help me in that capacity.
Adam in the truest sense of the small press market (in my opinion) is well versed in this.  So when I need advice on sales I call him up.  
I may be a one man machine on working on product but he's The Donald Trump of the comics - and better looking too.
CTS #2 is under way as half my page count is done with penciling.  Page transfers are being worked on.  Now in contrast with the color Vega books that I was working on about 6 years ago the new CTS books have a consistsancy that those books lacked.  And also the turn around time as well.  
I am optimistic that by the time the Jet City COMIC SHOW rolls around in late September that CTS #2 will be under way with the complete inks and color.  I have a feeling that this second issue will be better than the last. 


With the commission piece of Godzilla being picked up this weekend there is another commision coming my way.  That would be good for this kid.

"The Kirby Tree" 5"x7" Scratchboard

"Medusa's Daughter" 5"x7" Scratchboard

With commissions being done that leaves getting ideas for a gallery show later this year for the the BIG 200.  I always like to plan in advance for this show because I really want my oieces to walk out with someone who really wants it.
So in the next couple of months I'm looking at produceing 10 new 8"x8" pieces.  
Of course those are always a free for all kinda thing with the subject matter. 

CTS #2, page 2 pencils
2012 copyright BBVA and Alan Bennett
So a majority of things being done here are a few scans of the up coming pencils for CTS #2.
And with that the kid is outta here!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

The 'Why"of Corrax

Hey there sports fans, Al here with the latest: 


Now as I have finished with work on CTS #1, I am currently beginning to start working on CTS #2.  The plot has been for the last couple of months but as a one man show, time of production goes down.  But a major thing I realized was if I was gonna have to do was advertise for the next issue.  And the way to do that is show a copy of that next cover.   Duh.

CTS Cover for Issue #2
2012 Copyright BBVA and Alan Bennett

And of course there is nothing more eye catching than a a color cover to show case a new book to whet your appetite to pick up a new book.   It may not be exactly the same when issue #2 comes out but it will be pretty damn close!
And gives a little insight to what's coming up for Corrax.
What is the mystery of Outpost 10?  Why has there been no contact with them for the last week?  What kind of cosmic space horrors have been released because someone didn't follow proper protocol?
Answers will be revealed but not all at once. 


Now as I was having such a catchy sci-fi kinda title the inevitable question come up.  So last night I had a friend ask me a fairly small question about CTS last night:

Question: "Alan, In Corrax: The Seeker- what's he seeking?"
Answer: "Knowledge and Adventure."
That answer made me promptly think of the pitch line- “He's Luke Skywalker mixed with Gandalf the Grey.”
And the Who's "The Seeker" is his theme."

Now this question was asked again by a one of my oldest and closest friends and he asked me again but phrased it a bit differently in the form of “Why is he called that?  What is Corrax’s background?”
   I responded with the aforementioned bit.  He liked the pitch line but he said to me “I like the Luke Skywalker/ Gandalf connection but that seemed more Johnny Vega than Corrax.   Corrax to me comes across to me like Indiana Jones with a guilt complex.  He should be looking to the reason why am I still here; why am I alive and they are not? Basically the why?"
  This topic was based on the humorous aspects of Corrax’s antics and witty quips in a attempt to deal with a darker side of his personality  basically a sense of failure.  Something akin to another super hero I didn’t mention but I think we are all aware of- Spiderman.
  So there is a bit of Corrax’s background that may be under development and it’s funny that my friend had mentioned Indiana Jones because I was thinking about using that to describe Corrax as well.
  But there will be a background that unfolds as time goes on.
  Does this mean Corrax will loose his witty come backs?  
  HELL NO.  
  This os one of the main things that I like about the character  Vega just didn’t have that going on. 

5"X7" scratchboard 2012 Copyright by
BBVA and Alan Bennett

"Frankenstein's Monster" 5"X7" scratchboard
2012 Copyright by BBVA and Alan Bennett
The work is getting closer to being done.  There will be a couple of old favorites like Frankenstein and Brain Cage being remade as well as Hunting Party 2.  But this is always subject to change as well.
So The Rose City Comic Show should be filled will lots of cool art work regardless.
So brief as it is this is what I got for you.
And that is it for the kid and I am outta here! 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

CTS First Phase Complete!

Hey there sports fans Al here with the latest: 

As of this date CTS #1 is completed.  It is being handed off to my friend Jason Pott of NEOtrash Comix for editorial chores.  I have in the past had asked my good friend Adam Watson of Darkslinger Comics to help me in this over the last couple of years with editing on both Corpse Cop books as well as the last Issue of Johnny Vega: Man of the Future.  He has moved his company into hi gear with the possibility of major distribution.  We wish him and Darkslinger Comics the very best in this.  Good luck man!

ON TOP OF THIS a future story arc for CTS has begun to be scripted and laid out in thumbnails.  Starting with issue #5 Corvis and crew will be heading back to Xandar Prime.   For those of you who picked up Vega 1-4 know about Xandar and its two distinct species the Chlorophoid race called the Avine and proto sentient race called "The Rock Apes of Xandar".  Of course there is much more than meets the eye here with the new story.   The story derives from two Johnny Vega sources, one being the four part "The Rock Apes of Xandar" the other being a unpublished story for Vega called "Seedling".    It should be cool.

THE ROSE CITY COMIC SHOW is only two months away and in that time CTS should be hitting the printers and ready to sell. 
Good times.

To add to the man bird myth that is legend, I have been talked to about pin up illustrations by a few other artist friends of mine.  To mention: George Leon and Stefan Dogaru.  To see other peers of mine actually render one of my characters is pretty damn cool in my opinion.


Getting closer to my goal of finishing my 25 pieces.  When they are completed there will be a jpeg of them.
And that is it for the kid and I am outta here!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Closing in on Target

CTS #1 Page 11, Panel 1

Hey there sports fans, Al here with the latest: CORRAX THE SEEKER NEWS 
As of this posting, CTS #1 is in last page and half of being completed and then sent off to the editor/ proofreader.  Of course for any artist and creator this would be the most madding part of process of making any book but hey you got to know your limitations and mine is spelling and punctuation.  
CTS #5 Roughs
HOWEVER this does not stop me from continuing on with the further adventures of Corrax.  I am currently working on the installments for issue #5.

Here is a smattering of pencil roughs for issue #5.

2012 Alan Bennett and BBVA

With the Rose City Comic Show coming up in two months roughly I am still working hard towards my goal of having 25 5"x7" s pieces done.  A good portion of these new work will be collected into a new art book I think by next year.  
At least thats my optimistic outlook right now. 
There has been some talk about larger versions of the work.  One piece of interest is "Brain Cage".  It had been my original intention to render a full body image of this twisted dream.  There will be more.  There are a few others based upon the Tarot and a full size Ouija board as well.   I am looking into this.
And that is it for the kid.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Hey there sports fans Al here with the latest: 
Corrax the Seeker NEWS, 
CTS #1, Page 10
2012 copyright Alan Bennett and BBVA

As of this posting I should have page 10 of the book done.  This is a big deal because usually I would have another 12 pages to go before I was done with the work.  I will say that there is definitely a great consistency with the work since I had worked on Vega #4.  There is a greater amount of attention being paid to the wall back grounds of the book as well.  This attention makes for a much more pronounced complete work.  And thus more enjoyment for you reader.  
I am going to be defining Corrax's background history for you much in the same vein as Marvel used to do back during the early eighties with a quick flashback.   Hopefully not the huge montage that has already been seen.  John Byrne had already done that expertly in The Uncanny Xmen back in issue #138 "Eulogy".  If ever there was a mainstream super hero book to read about .
The Cosmic Ax I believe will have to be enplaned once Outpost 10 story line is put to bed.
There is always a reason why something is included and even if it looks cool there will be an origin of created for it.  I mean look at the Death Dealer comics that came out.  Just one image sparked enough interest to create an entire series around.
The next installments of CTS are to focus around THE ARKADIANS.  To most in the HUB they are nothing more than a myth to frighten the young but there is indications that they might exist and it is up to Corrax the Seeker to find out what happened back on Xandar Prime.  There will be more on them as time goes on.  Let's just say that they are the first to come across the Seedling Suits floating around in the Vega Universe.

The mythology continues to grow.

The scratchboards and clayboards.  As shows begin to creep ever closer even though there is nearly a half a year left before the big shows new images keep cropping up.  
"NEW DAWN" 5"x7" clayboard 2012 copyright
Alan Bennett and BBVA