Sunday, April 22, 2012

CTS On the Rise

Hey there sports fans,  Al here with the latest: 
The Cover of CTS #1
2012 copyright BBVA and Alan Bennett

Well since work on the commission has been slowed down work on The Corrax the Seeker has stepped up to the plate with a vengeance!
Pages from CTS #1

  So far as the story progresses it mirrors a lot of the original idea of how Johnny Vega started off in Guilded Edges back 12 years ago.  Funny thing is that Corrax has actually been around longer!  By two issues in Guilded Edges #3 along side of Angry Robot.
  So here you are with the some images from the first full color cliffhanger series.  

To check out more about Stumptown check this link out- Stumptown Comics Festival 2012.
This year's floor map for Stumptown 2012

Again this year as with NEOtrash Comix I will be tabling with them again this year as it was last year.  Lots of fun and got to meet a lot of cool people in the process.  Come by if you happen to be in the City of Portland.  And for your convince I have added the floor map which they have provided this year as we are table 310.    Jason Pott  again has been working on a story for me that features War Ram. This man’s mind never stops when it comes to destroying the universe!  Now if you haven't seen or read the latest mono crossover with the boyz from NEOtrash then you to go out and buy that book- WEIRD ATOMIC TALES!  

  Then you will get the right idea of who and what this engine of destruction is!   

   So there ya go.  A lot of things and nearly all comics too.  And to think that I was gonna take it easy after ECCC. 

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Mid Month

Well here we are at that mid point of the month again there fans. and here I is,  Al with the latest:
  It sounds a little different as i continue to settle into the new office digs and jump into projects that have been on hold since the ECCC early this month.  I have been going through the comics that were either bought by me or given in trade by others - both were awesome and great to see the work of my friends working hard on what they love to do. 
I feel fortunate that I am not the only one that feels the same way about doing a book or books.
  But as i have said before in the past “real life gets in the way of fun stuff.  
  The first thing of real life for the kid is getting sick!  Not the drop dead kind (‘cause how would I be able to write this thing?) is the common cold!  I will say that there is nothing common about it except that it is annoying as hell when you have thing going on.
   The second thing is a lot more pleasant a friends wedding.
  Now this kind of interruption to the work flow is nice and I an especially happy to participate in  my friend Ben Kreger’s wedding this year as one of his groomsman.  It’s not often that I get to put on a tux for many reasons.
  Since moving to P-town, I have been introduced to several people by my friend Adam Watson since I have moved here.  By now some of these long associations have blossomed into full fledged friendships that I feel will be with me for the rest of my unnatural life.
  Ben Kreger runs Warrior Innkeeper Comics and the creator of Black Suit of Death and Lil Lincoln.  He is one of those guys.  And I will always remind him not to try to out Classic Trek me or be prepared to be schooled.
2012 character copyright Toho Company Ltd2012 artwork Alan Bennett 

Page 1 layout

Page 7 layout

Conceptual Cover Mock Up for CTS #1
2012 copyright BBVA and Alan Bennett
  But aside from these little outing the commission for Godzilla is coming along nicely.  A little more time and finesse is needed in this work as it will be going to my friend Toby who fitted me with the New Mac setup at home.  This beast will be awesome!
  Currently I have been making a conisous disicion to work on Corrax The Seeker rather than Johnny Vega.  Vega is once again on the back burner for the kid but still keeping that character alive with a different kind of comic format that I am gonna call the “Cliffhanger format”.
  What is meant by that is that I purpose to produce a 12 page full color comic in a series of 4 to 6 different books to encompass one full story.  The idea is doing half of a full traditional comic story by putting half out there but ending each installment on a cliffhanger to keep the interest alive in what comes next!  It’s not a new idea but could be one that could be fun and also keeping the price down for the reader as well so we’ll see how it goes.
   Besides that it the first of these books is gonna focus around Corvis.  And I think I have a pretty handle on this man bird at large.
  I have posted a couple images of the thumbnails as well as a mock up for the cover for issue #1.
  Till then enjoy!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Aftermath 2012

Hey there sports fans,  Al here with the latest: 
My typical Breakfast in Seattle

Emerald City ComiCon of 2012 is finally over and here is my personal pros and cons of this massive event starting this with the the first pro.
The Crowd the Second Morning
The Attendance was off the hook!  I'm not kidding about this .  I believe that Saturday's attendance was nearly the same for the entire event last year.  That may be an exaggeration but sure was full of people. I think that everyone in the booth would agree with that assessment.
The con of the crowd was that there was such a throng of people walkin' by it made it hard for anyone to stop by table with out causing a small traffic snarl.  Watching them  come and go was kinda like watching a tide.
The Awaiting the Onslaught

Pro #2 of the show- The first complements that we all received in the booth on the art was awesome.  That stuff always goes a long way for anybody.
Frank Lives- kinda.
Con #2 now strictly speaking for myself I think the scratchboard material kinda scares people off.  The stark black n white of work when you are constantly being bombarded with bright color at every turn your not sure what your looking at.  You know in your head that's it some comic related material but not sure of whether  you should touch it.   I saw quite a few people who seemed hesitant to pick the Scratch Pad art book or the individual 5"x7" scratchboards.  I would even venture to say that some people might even think of the work as a novelty.  A flash in the pan.
Blast them I say!  
Pro #3 The enthusiasm of the people who stopped by was infectious.  The sales that did happen  stopped others to see what was so cool about the work.  This amounted to several sketches being done to go along with our appreciation of the fans who bought the work.  Thanks to those folks.
A Silent Hill Nurse creepy!

The Planetary Express Crew + Hypno Toad and Bets.
Con #3 Being the con's GPS.  Now some people may not  have a problem with this but due such high traffic but  people seem to forgotten how to read their program floor maps.  I know it means comes with the territory but I think we got hit several times about "do you know where blankity blank blank is?"    So maybe there should be a comic info  booth there in up to the front manned  by the minions there.  Just an idea.
Pro #4 
The costumes were awesome.  There were some grisly awesome pieces of work there at the show.  
Con #4 
The costumes.  So awesome were these works of art that it stopped up traffic cruising by.  The consensus was please people find a place for photos to be taken elsewhere.
So with things being tied would I go back?
The answer to that is hell yes I would. 
I love the medium and want to support it in my way.  Knowing what sold I think I have a better idea of what to bring with me to sell at the show. 
  I have heard that there were  a few people who had some negative comments about the show but here is a link to the ECCC facebook page about what I felt about the show and maybe shead some light on those naysayers.   
 And that is it for the kid!