Tuesday, October 8, 2013

O.M.S. (OCTOBER 17!) and BIG 400

Hey there sports fans, Al here with the latest:

Well now we have passed into the month of October which means in a short period of time O.M.S will be happening. 

It will be held at one of this kid's favorite watering hole the Slingshot Lounge here in Portland OR.
If you have never been to P-town and you are looking to wet your whistle, this would be the place to go.  Good beer, good spirits, good food and great people.

 That's great news for the kid here because it has been the biggest headache for me.   Meaning that I have never had to prep so much now in such a short period of time with the limited budget that I have been able to acquire.
But be assured that this show will go up and in it's entirety.
All 17 pieces.  17 you say?  How'd that happen?
Numbers ain't my thang.  Somehow, I over shot my goal by one image after the realization on my birthday back in August that I was shy 3 pieces of work to show.  Again, I think I may have had my head in production mode so much that I haven't been able to really focus on anything else.
THE ONLY DRAW BACK of the show is that I do not have copies for prints let alone gilcees.  So when these pieces take off, that's it! One of a kind.  I can hand make reproductions of these but please don't ask me too.  This was a killer. 

Of course there is the second item of business for the kid, The BIG 400 later this year in December.  It seems that about every two months there is a show that I will participate in around town.  I do not know however if I will be doing the Portland Love Show (a.k.a. Love in a Cloud show ).
There has always been a problem with flooding a market with to much of imagery or related products to a form of entertainment.  Galley shows are no different.
There was a time as an artist that you would have to sign a contract for showing your work.   An exclusive contract and not show your work anywhere else.  But I have seen of recent times that this is not the the case anymore.  And with the internet and and personal websites galleries are loosing ground to hold on to that market share.
So personally I think having artwork up on line at the same you have a physical show going on- no issue.  Especially if you are showing different pieces.
NEXT YEAR IN FEBRUARY @ N.W.I.P.A. I will have another show in hand.  Those fine gentleman of that bottle shop have asked me to put up art work there. 

"Inhuman Torch"  final script has been completed.   BUT unfortunately I do have to make another page to fill out my page count for printing.   So hopefully by the time of this posting I will be able to start thumbnails for this story.  I would like to have this book ready by the time that Nov 2 rolls around for Jet City Comic Show this year.
Another story is being developed for CC right now amiss all the busy work for the O.M.S. and the BIG 400.  The working title for that story is -CORPSE COP "VIRUS TECHNOLIS".  
I think that this will set up a idea why CC shows up in place and any setting.
But if you wanta play catch up check out this link for the one CC's first adventures here

The Re-Scrubs third and final thumbnail has been sent off to Shaun to see which one they want to go with.  But it has been sounding like the second thumbnail I sent off might be the one to modify.   
I should mention that I do commissions. It usually depends size, complexity of the piece, varnished and framed.  I.E. Gilrandree Commission 11"x14" varnished, one subject, no frame- $175.00  Usually half down and half on completion of project.  Easiest way for payments is through Paypal  using my email address blackboxcomix@yahoo.com.
If you are curious about it please email me at blackboxcomix@yahoo.com

Lets talk about planning in advance.
In the last couple of months I have been either stopped by life changes or some kind of mishap of either my own making or that of swirling amount of chaos that people call life dealing with others.
When the control that surrounds a project that you have been working on leaves your hands you are at the mercy of Fate.  And sometimes fate does things you weren't expecting.  
Because of all that life out there (even though we all put on our blinders and blast shields) there is nothing like planning that helps out getting things done long before they are needed.  I had a show that was taking place in Washington State that I had books completed for but the timing of getting the printed work was within days of the actual show.  Bad Idea.  The day of the show I had to leave without my new product.  The show was ok but I was bummed that I didn't have the book with me that I had promised friends of mine that I was going to have for the show.
When I was at the show during one of the slower parts of day, I texted my girlfriend at the time to see if the books had or hadn't arrived.  To my surprise, they were there.  ONE DAY DIFFERENCE!  Man, I was pissed.  But it did teach me a lesson in preparation.
And that preparation has translated into the art shows as well.  Not only having the ideas drawn up for the specific shows that come each year but ALSO being able to jump on the wagon and say "Yeah, I can do that show no problem."  It works well for me, and I suggest it for anybody else out there.  It might mean a lot of stress but it will pay off in the long run.  

Actual film work being done for webcast show called the Velvet Coffin.  Initally I had been brought into the production as story board artist but as continued my association with production I began to wear many different hats.- as story boardist, screenwriter, producer,  props, assassiant director, assassiant camra man and a zombie extra, second unit camera man, assistant director, producer guy.
More of this info can be found at  www.thevelvetcoffin.co.

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