Sunday, April 22, 2012

CTS On the Rise

Hey there sports fans,  Al here with the latest: 
The Cover of CTS #1
2012 copyright BBVA and Alan Bennett

Well since work on the commission has been slowed down work on The Corrax the Seeker has stepped up to the plate with a vengeance!
Pages from CTS #1

  So far as the story progresses it mirrors a lot of the original idea of how Johnny Vega started off in Guilded Edges back 12 years ago.  Funny thing is that Corrax has actually been around longer!  By two issues in Guilded Edges #3 along side of Angry Robot.
  So here you are with the some images from the first full color cliffhanger series.  

To check out more about Stumptown check this link out- Stumptown Comics Festival 2012.
This year's floor map for Stumptown 2012

Again this year as with NEOtrash Comix I will be tabling with them again this year as it was last year.  Lots of fun and got to meet a lot of cool people in the process.  Come by if you happen to be in the City of Portland.  And for your convince I have added the floor map which they have provided this year as we are table 310.    Jason Pott  again has been working on a story for me that features War Ram. This man’s mind never stops when it comes to destroying the universe!  Now if you haven't seen or read the latest mono crossover with the boyz from NEOtrash then you to go out and buy that book- WEIRD ATOMIC TALES!  

  Then you will get the right idea of who and what this engine of destruction is!   

   So there ya go.  A lot of things and nearly all comics too.  And to think that I was gonna take it easy after ECCC. 

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