Sunday, July 8, 2012

Closing in on Target

CTS #1 Page 11, Panel 1

Hey there sports fans, Al here with the latest: CORRAX THE SEEKER NEWS 
As of this posting, CTS #1 is in last page and half of being completed and then sent off to the editor/ proofreader.  Of course for any artist and creator this would be the most madding part of process of making any book but hey you got to know your limitations and mine is spelling and punctuation.  
CTS #5 Roughs
HOWEVER this does not stop me from continuing on with the further adventures of Corrax.  I am currently working on the installments for issue #5.

Here is a smattering of pencil roughs for issue #5.

2012 Alan Bennett and BBVA

With the Rose City Comic Show coming up in two months roughly I am still working hard towards my goal of having 25 5"x7" s pieces done.  A good portion of these new work will be collected into a new art book I think by next year.  
At least thats my optimistic outlook right now. 
There has been some talk about larger versions of the work.  One piece of interest is "Brain Cage".  It had been my original intention to render a full body image of this twisted dream.  There will be more.  There are a few others based upon the Tarot and a full size Ouija board as well.   I am looking into this.
And that is it for the kid.

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