Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Future and Crypticon

Hey there sports fans, Al here with the latest:
Well Stumptown has become a memory of the past but a much needed boost in sales and being appreciated in our own back yard I might add.  But now looking forward the Crypticon show taking place near Seattle.  For more info about this show click here
NOW one of the many issues that any creator has when having a successful show is this - "Did I bring enough stuff to sell?"  Well with the way art flew off the table and the reorder of Corpse Cop #1 and prints plus postcards I think I may be well stocked.  At least I hope I am anyway.
The Selection of New Work
BUT the big issue is do I have enough original pieces of art to sell?  No.   So I am feverishly working on cranking out new bits of art for that show.  Will I make my goal of replacing the 9 I sold at Stumptown.  I hope so Currently I have for on deck right now and about 5 left to go.  Two are color clayboards the other are my traditional scratchboards all 5"x7".  
I have a couple of weeks before George Leon and myself tread on up there but I think it will be fun and nice to get away from Portland for a time.
ALSO Corpse Cop is on it's way back and working hard to get postcards made and business cards at the same time.  I have a feeling that this will be a blast for this show.  Until Fall rolls around for the One Man show Scratch of the Dead and the BIG 300 show.
Now a old friend of mine back in the day which was a Wednesday by the way, has asked me to join his little gothy group to help out with a video blog for his podcast Velvet Coffin.  I have been able to help out a little especially in the regards of layout where the camera should be placed and some ideas of the lighting but also I guess I have also been brought in to help with scripting as well.  I don't know how much I can add to that but I will try to get it my wittiest best to make it fun and humorous all at the same time.
Plus I got to stand in and play a zombie delivery man at the same time and got filmed for it.  That was fun.
Well one job completed and waiting for the next to step up to plate for Rat Priest.  I have set up a time with my friend Eric to find out when and where, which image his band wants to go with and so on.  
And the kid is out of here!

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