Sunday, May 19, 2013

Then there is Crypticon

Hey there sports fans, Al here with the latest:
In a weeks time I will be hanging in Seattle for the Crypticon with my good buddy George Leon and having a great time hanging with Geo.  If you haven't seen his work or know how fast this guy is when it comes whipping up work you have know idea what you are missing.  To see George's work check out  This will help out figuring out his kinda work.We are the true monsters of cock!
And Crypticon itself looms in the future like a dark storm rolling in over a valley. There are minor fears that I won't have everything I need for the show but I think I can live with that.   But as time goes on there wll be the Rose City show and Jet City show both later in the year.
But I am trying hard to meet my deadline.
If I haven't said this before this will be my first time to this show. 
But now looking forward the Crypticon show taking place near Seattle.  For more info about this show click here
The Fly- the original 5"x7" scratchboard
Robotman 5"x7" scratchboard
NOW one of the many issues that any creator has when having a successful show is this - "Did I bring enough stuff to sell?"
I know that I have already said this before but with the amount of work that has been coming up a few item will be missed at the show.   Postcards will be one of them unfortunately. But I hope I can have them ready by Rose City and I will also be looking into t-shirts as well to sell. 
BUT there is happy days to be had.  After a long and tiring day at work what did I find but a package addressed to moi.   As you can see from the jpeg Corpse Cop has arrived 4 days early(!!!) so the worries of not having the books to show are now out of the box.  Yay!  Arrival of books has always been a major deal for the kid before a show.  Money is always so tight when you're doing everything  - including eating- and other things get put on hold.  But in this case it's all good. 

These are the grand designs I am looking at as well.If the show goes well for the box (and me) there at Crypticon there may also be stand up banners behind the table as well as a new table cloth.  
Of course this might mean that my friend Angie might have to screen print a brand new Black Box icon for a new table cloth though I don't think she'll have a problem with that.

I have a meeting with Eric Mimms of Rat Priest to talk over the details of the Commission for him later today (Sunday).  I am sure this will be a good meeting.   If your wanting to look at some of the older blog for Black Box Comix you can check them out here. Black Box Comix Blog.
Or if you're interested in purchasing something that catches your eye  check out here on the Big Cartel web site.  Big Cartel.

And of course is always the backlog of comics here at Indyplanet.

And the kid is out of here!

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