Sunday, May 5, 2013


STUMPTOWN 2013 WAS A SMASHING SUCCESS!   At first I was thinking that having the show start at 12 instead 10  AM like the day before might be a bad idea but as a vendor for so many years before but Jason brought up a good point that a lot of creators party hard after that first day and come in with hangovers the next day so it might work out ok.  It did but you did have some late  vendor arrivals though.
We laughed.
But unlike the previous day where you would have people make the first couple hours a complete curicut through the venue we both had sales within the the first, say, 20 mins.  For both Jason and myself.

  And on top of this my friend Will whom I hadn't seen for nearly a year, I believe, stopped by and picked up the Judge Death scratchboard.  I am glad that he has a good home but now I crank out a new one and the other dead judges as well.  But it may be a fortuitous thing because Will is also an artist and he and Jason might be working on Son of P.F.B. the sequel to Pig Fucker Blues.
So there you go with that.   I will say that there is always a general feeling that emanates from folkes walking around the show. Unlike those shows in the past people seem to be in a better place financially than they were two years ago or so and now they could not only appreciate the art and the artistry of the work in front of them but actually support the creators as well for their efforts.
I will say there was one guy who kinda threw me off that came by the table and asked Jason and I what it would cost to make a copy of comic book.  At first, I thought he was talking a run of one issue, whether the book was in color or black and white and where you would be getting it printed at.
Then he revealed that he was only looking to make one single comic book.  He didn't bother to elaborate any more than that.  We had said if you were looking to make it local Kinko's would be the best way to keep the cost down for making a dummy copy of the book in question.  Of course he didn't like that response.  It seemed to me that he was fishing for an artist to draw up a story of his and that would be it.  But just one book mystified me as looked Jason after he stepped away our table and said to Jason "Why would you just make one book?  That doesn't make any sense to me.  one book seems to me to be just mental masturbation." 
I have know a lot of guys that could never finish a project because they couldn't leave it alone and kept tweeking their project.  These people in my opinion are much better artists than I but afraid to share what they have learned up to this point with their work.

NOW THE FUNNY thing is that after I got done was looking to celebrate my good run after Stumptown this year and talking to my bartender about it (and mind you this is after I have had already got two commissions out to work on plus the One Man show in October) Dan hit up for another art design for a t-shirt later in the year.  The following day while at work I got a Facebook Messenger message from Bryan Brooksby to see if I could cram out a piece of artwork for the back of their EP release next week.  Wow!  I was on deck now but I had to stick to my guns as to the money situation getting paid before I complete a work that I know won't have any other way of selling it.
  Fears were alleviated as I talked to him, so now on to the work at hand.
And the kid is out of here!

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