Sunday, June 24, 2012

Pages for CTS

"STIKE THE POSE" 11"X14" scratchboard
2012 copyright Alan Bennett and BBVA

Hey there sports fans Al here with the latest: 

CTS #1, page 7

As of this posting I should have page 7 completed.  Colors and everything.  So the release of CTS #1 should be on target for Rose City show this year.  At least that is the goal.
OF COURSE this book still has to be edited and proofed.  Like all good books. And to me this is one of the better books I have worked on since Pandora's Garage volumes 1-5 on "Avatar".   I will say that a lot of the time I have been complemented on my story and set up by my peers but initial story that I have written is occasionally mired down by my own dialogue and narration .   The ideas are great but sometimes the execution doesn't always match up with the concept. 
I think that this is true for a lot of really talented artists out there. They have a fantastic idea but are SO focused on the illustrative end of things that the idea of writing almost becomes tedious once the piece of art is actually done.  This is the reason when you look at a lot of independent creators and companies at shows out there that they take a really long time to work on a protect.  Its one of the reasons I haven't cranked out another Corpse Cop story in scratchboard because of the length of time it would take to make.  Its not that I don't want to but scratchboard really  takes a lot of time.
So another Corpse Cop project will be in the wings waiting for a bit.
This is the reason why CTS was designed as only 12 pages and in full color than what I had done with the Vega books. 
Quicker turn around time for you the buying audience.  If my personal time wasn't taken up by two regular 9 to 5 hour jobs, I might be able to turn out 8 12 page full color cliffhanger books for CTS. This is still a feasible deal based upon sales of CTS.
I keep my fingers crossed on this.
If I win a lottery that might happen but not real realistic since I don't play the lottery.  
4 of the 6 5"x7" Prototypes for scratchboard

6 new pieces of work are on deck for illustration.  Now based upon recommendations from both Devon Devereaux and Dan DePaolo during this years show at Emerald City ComiCon I plan on doing a few of the Universal Monsters.   The Boris Karloff Frankenstein did real well for me so I plan on expanding on that concept. But of course there are the original pieces that I will have as well.
If the indication of scratchboard in sales is any indication (based upon recent sales by my friend Rosy) the 5"x7"s are selling very, very well.
So I have to crank out these little works.  Of course I don't believe that these are gonna be coffee shop worthy but Portland is a weird place and they might do very, very well.

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