Sunday, June 17, 2012

BBVA UPDATE 6/ 17/12

Hey there sports fans Al here with the latest: 
Johnny Vega #4, Page 5 2010
copyright Alan Bennett and BBVA
As of this posting I am hoping to have gotten to the half way point in the digital coloring .   Now mind you I still have the editorial needs on the book but i am excited about the look of it.
Johnny Vega #4 cover 2010 copyright
Alan Bennett and BBVA
When I completed the fourth installment for Johnny Vega "The Rock Apes of Xandar- The conclusion"  I realized that I had reached a plateau artistically (comic book speaking.).  I had made my version of a Marvel Comic that I would have bought and collected as a kid.
But as much as I love that character I still need to move forward and CTS does that for me.

Corrax the Seeker #1, Page 4 2012 copyright
Alan Bennett and BBVA
Work doodles for potential scratchboard show pieces.
Not to say that I have written Vega off just put him on the back burner.  He still appears in flashbacks for Corrax and good rich background history to literally draw from.

The scratchboard work that I am looking at for the next couple shows should be pretty cool.  If work continues the way it has been for the last couple weeks I should have 25 pieces in all.  That's not including the original 11"x14" work that I have gotten into working on either.

"GODZILLA" Toby Person Collection 2012
GODZILLA IS DONE!  Yes, the King of the Monster is finally done.  With so many things going on in personal life and other the work is done and now onto framing and delivery.
The end of this year should be pretty interesting.

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