Sunday, August 4, 2013

Working forward for Success

Hey there sports fans, Al here with the latest:

A large version of MAJOR TOM is being worked on.   Hopefully by this posting I will have started the last of the large images for the one man show.  
MAJOR TOM UPDATE:  He is finished and now it is on to "JUCIE BOX".
"Juice Box" Day 1 18"x24" Scratchboard
2013 copyright Alan Bennett and BBVA
A moderately offensive title for a slightly scandalous image.  But considering where it came from (meaning inspirational place of origin like a dream I had over a year ago) I like it a lot.  And when I explained to George Leon's (my partner in crime) wife Damian that there was a much larger version of "Brain Cage in the works she got very excited.
The other few things about Juice Box is the size of the piece- 18"x24".  I have never attempted to work on something that size ever before but that' part of the challenge of doing it.  The other is the art techniques that I have incorporated into the piece.  It will cool to see how these all work into the piece.  
 But now things are moving in several different directions updates on Big Cartel, post cards and where to be made, the buttons, prints and scans of the work, varnishing, framing and the promotion of the show.  And above all else the cost of putting it together.  I know what needs to be done it's getting the raw cash to get completed.
But there are ways of doing this.  Just keep your fingers crossed.  

Corpse Cop "Arctic Wolf" page 1
2013 copyright Alan Bennett
The question had been brought up by Jason Pott- will there be another Corpse Cop book for Rose City Show this year?
Will it be a new one?
With the advent of the One Man Show proposal after the Stumptown Comic Show earilier this year, I am not sure.
But the original clash of the undead will be up for sale however.
I have started working on a marker version of the "Arctic Wolf" storyline rather than putting out as a scratchboard piece.  Not to worry though, all the Corpse Cop stories will be scratchboard pieces  eventually.  And collected into one volume. 
I think that would be an great collection to have.


This is such a Northwest kinda thing that eventually I would do it and since one of my friends kids are into well I think it would be fitting to make one. I have never worked on local legends before (at least not seriously.  Take Bigfoot VS Yeti for example.) 
"Rose's Embrace" 5"x7" clayboard
2013 copyright Alan Bennett and BBVA
The Re-Scrubs are a small local two man band that had hit me up for a CD cover for a pressing of their work I am working out the details of this but it could be fun as well.

In my time of working on the images for Richard Parker like any  good researcher you always find things that way more interesting than the story that you are currently working on.  And this character has such a interesting background I had to dig around to find some really eye opening bits.
There maybe a series of images that are based around this character and fathomious adventures beneath the sea dealing with the ever elusive Giant Squid.   
Actual film work being done- as a zombie.
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