Sunday, August 25, 2013

And then Suddenly...

Hey there sports fans, Al here with the latest-
The Tower of Drying Boxes for One Man Show

"Total Destruction!" soon to be a
16"x20" scratchboard.  2013
copyright Alan Bennett and BBVA
Well like the title implies then suddenly.  I realized in the course of me doing an impromptu art show out on the porch during my birthday I suddenly realized that I didn't have enough pieces of artwork for the one man show.  Now you would ask "How could you have miscounted?"
The answer to that is easy, I was excited just to have a one man show. 
So with that there are three new pieces that need to be made.
ONCE THIS WAS FIGURED OUT then I had a task ahead of me, what I could I do to whip out three new pieces?  All of them are 16"x20" as well.  Then I realized that some of the smaller 8"x8" pieces that I had and even a  5"X7" would make prime candidates for enlargement!
"The Aquanaut" soon to be a 16"x20" scratchboard
based upon the "Into the Future" image of
Johnny Vega.  2013 copyright Alan Bennett and
OF THESE new larger images I choose the following.  "Total Destruction" featuring DestructO!.  "The Aquanaut".  This is a reworking of the 8"x8" "Into the Future" this features a character called Johan Veganado.  You might see some similarity to this character and some other I had worked on in the past but this piece also is being influenced by some steampunk works as well.  
The last of these truely awesome pieces of work will be another Richard Parker. This time he and a large octopus locked in mortal combat before Parker's meets his fateful end at the hands of his treacherous crew.  
Varnishing and curing are truely my enemies.  But I think I have found a way to expedite several pieces all at one time.  And this comes with the working knowledge of duct tape, cardboard, plastic garbage bag and a garage. 
And another thing is the  marketing thing to do and the scans of the work.  As I have said before Mister Daniel DePaolo (see here for details- has a great fine scanner that has been brought up for doing large scans of the work in the past.
I think that this show will really give me the chance I need to step in the lime light.

Cover for Corpse Cop "Arctic Wolf"
2013 copyright Alan Bennett and
Black Box Comix
By this time the whole of Corpse Cop "Arctic Wolf" will be done.  The over all book will ne handed off to my friend Paula Akin to begin editing.  Now there is a great possibility the I might be able to unveil this latest work at Rose City Show this year. For me that would be really awesome. Here is the cover for the book.  I wish it were longer for the story but I had only so much that I was able to get done before any new shows came around.  Printing ain't cheap!
There is a partiality completed Corpse Cop story entitled "Inhuman Torch".  I think the title says it all.  The format of this book will much different than your traditional kind of comics but still a fun book to layout and look at.
I had already set up a couple of stories that have a basic outline that have been mentioned already in which Corpse Cop is involved.  I plan to follow that outline and see what happens.  

"Wash the Throne" 2013 copyright
the Re-Scrubs prototype 1
Well the Re-Scrubs piece is coming along but it has been hard to work on as there are so many layers that I hadn't really planed on, title design, logo and the actually piece but the end result I think will be rockin'!  There will be more to come in following weeks.


One more bit of scripting of Richard Parker's demise and apparent watery resurrection into the story.  It reads like a old Twilight Zone episode. And currently I have this one on the run as we learn how Richard Parker met his demise and the introduction of Rose, his watery companion.  
It's been fun writing this.
W.A.O.R.P introduction of Rose is complete and now to start laying out the horror book for another show down the road.  It'll follow suit just behind the Arctic Wolf Corpse Cop story.  Just means I'll have to buy a sheet-ton of white markers and black bristol paper and hopefully with a smooth surface rather than a vellum surface.  I'm trashing a lot of my markers really fast because of this.

Actual film work being done- as a zombie.
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