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Hey there sports fans, Al here with the latest-

"TOTAL DESTRUCTION" DAY 3/4  16"X20" scratchboard
2013 copyright Alan Bennett and BBVA
Within this next week I have to start getting the framing done for the art pieces for the Slingshot Lounge.  I was approached by Joey Maas whom is the curator at the Sling.  He had asked me how the work was coming along which I had told him that there was three images left to go.
But Mid-October is the month of the show.  I will have and exact date by mid September.
O.M.S. 2013 UPDATE:
Currently I have managed to get two out of three transfers completed and ready to etched "TOTAL DESTRUCTION" and "THE AQUANAUT".  Both are 16"x20" images.  And both are looking good so far.  One more to go and we'll see.  I should have these both done within the next two weeks.

Corpse Cop "Inhuman Torch"
thumbnail page 1
Corpse Cop March  copyright 2013 Alan Bennett and
Corpse Cop "Arctic Wolf" has been finished and  handed over  to my friend Paula Akin for proof reading and editing.  This would be the second project that she and I have worked on before the other deals with small film production of the Velvet Coffin.  
Of course there is a big difference between a small film and a comic book but she is enthusiastic about the art and the project.  Thank you for coming on board Paula.
There is another story I have mentioned that Corpse Cop is involved in but I may have to rewrite and re draw it for it to work.  That story is the "Inhuman Torch".  Watch for it - wait for it.  "Cause it's gonna happen.

I am currently waiting to hear back from Sean of the Re-Scrubs to see if he like the design that I came up with so I am in a holding pattern currently.
I did hear back from Shawn of the Re-Scrubs that he and he music partner liked what they saw for the first image, I still have two more to make and send them.  I am hoping to have those completed very soon- like today. 
I should mention that I do commissions. It usually depends size, complexity of the piece, varnished and framed.  I.E. Gilrandree Commission 11"x14" varnished, one subject, no frame- $175.00  Usually half down and half on completion of project.  Easiest way for payments is through Paypal  using my email address
If you are curious about it please email me at

There was a time ( a dangerous time) when I would,  in the past, start to write several outlines for one character and get caught in a creative sinkhole that had no way out.  Again it's that addiction to creativity that you experience a continuous high you just keep  impressing yourself with your ingenuity of how these characters will interact with one another and further a story in your head.  No one knows the whole story except you. Word to the wise- always stay focused on what you can do and do it well.  One character,  one story, one villian.

In talking to one my old buddies over some beer at a local watering hole, began talking about the old Johnny Vega comic and the other characters I had created over the years.  Dax and I had come up with over the years some pretty funny and very irreverent characters and story line ideas.  Just to people out a little saying "Knock it off with your political correctness".
In this, another character was created and using the Steampunk motif to help it along, Johan Veganado was born.
A man's man and world wide explorer.
And with that and deep sea exploration Richard Parker joined the crew.  Absolutely hilarious and fun.  So be watching for something with him in it.

Actual film work being done for webcast show called the Velvet Coffin.  Initally I had been brought into the production as story board artist but as continued my association with production I began to wear many different hats.- as story boardist, screenwriter, producer,  props, assassiant director, assassiant camra man and a zombie extra, second unit camera man, assistant director, producer guy.
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