Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Waiting...

Hey there sports fans, Al here with the latest-

"The Watery Adventure of Richard Parker"
11"X14" scratchboard 2013 copyrighted by
Alan Bennett and BBVA
As the physical work is completed for the ONE MAN SHOW (or OMS to keep it short) I am now at the mercy of the waiting game and my framer.  As with any expecting artist who has a up coming show, you are  going to get nervous.  It's a feeling that I had when I first started making comics and making them ready for deadline because of  shows up here in  the Portland area when I was still in Eugene.  I hated it then and I hate it now.  But I should be more relaxed than I was back then.  But because  this is a different venue than I have ever done before by myself doubt always seems to get the better of me.  I know I shouldn't be worried but it's a hard factor to think about when you can't control everything.
When you are working on a comic book there is always in the back of your mind (or at least in the back of mine anyway) that "Yeah, it's only a comic book that you worked on.  Nobody going to care whether or not you sold it or not.  And if it doesn't  your okay. No harm, no foul."  
The fear of success thing rears it's head.
HOWEVER if it does well at the Slingshot Lounge this upcoming mid October 20 -21 then this kid stand relieved and stress free because then I have a bunch of other pieces I can show at other places.  And as it turns out I will be having  another show coming up in February at my of my other  favorite watering holes N.W.I.PA.

THE BIG 400!
Yep that's right gallery shows keep a popping up and this one has done really well for me in the past both financially and boosting the ego that my work isn't crap.  So I jumped right into the work.  I have one piece already done -The Savage Poodlemoth Man.   One out 10 cool. 

Issue #2 of the traditional size comic of Corpse Cop is almost ready to be sent off to the printer.  So even with ever looming OMS coming up this is still a book I would love to have ready to go by the time JET CITY COMIC SHOW rolls around.
IN ADDITION: to the second issue of Corpse Cop the 3rd installment is being scripted and finished off and almost ready to be handed off to my editor Paula.  The nice thing about these books is that they are stand alone pieces as opposed to continuing story arcs like what I had going on with either Johnny Vega or Corrax the Seeker.  The Stand Alone books work better I think.  In indies you never know what is going to catch a persons attention at the show -let alone on-line.  And for the buyer it isn't a huge investment either so they are not worried about being roped into a potential story line that in their eyes sucks.
This story that I am currently re-writing is not part of the monster set up that I talked about before in Corpsecile. So be looking for new things from our favorite zombie hunter.

Waiting.  it's like waiting for that phone call from your girlfriend so you can just talk and hear her voice.  This again drives me nuts but I throw myself into my work so I don't have to think about it.  However there are a lot of cool things that come out the drive to fill in the time while I wait, new story ideas and new ways of making an old concept work better for you.  And I am going to keep doing that.  In the time after the OMS and the BIG 400 shows I am going to be looking around the area of Portland and start taking pictures that I can later render.  These will be more traditional images to look at buildings visited areas things like that.  But all done in scratchboard rather then painting.  
Carving out that niche that all artists look forward to one day.  

I am now just waiting on Shaun of the Re-Scrubs to get back to me on the CD cover of their choice so I can start working that commission and clear my plate for BIGFOOT.

Actual film work being done- as a zombie.
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