Sunday, August 18, 2013

On the Horizon

Hey there sports fans, Al here with the latest-

All the creative part is done and now comes the hard part finishing and framing.  The biggest issue that I have is varnishing the work right now.  Since as a lone artist making his way in the world i don't have access to nice large temperature controlled studios to do mass work.  So mother of invention that is my brain, I have to opt for the garage to finish the work.  My biggest foe right now is time and weather.  Time for the amount left to get this bad boy off the ground and weather for how fast the work will dry and cure.  The outside is prefect when it is hot outside but with the weather changing outside I've got to get these big pieces going.
AND OF COURSE there is marketing thing to do and the scans of the work.  Now Mister Daniel DePaolo (see here for details) has a great fine scanner that has been brought up for doing large scans of the work in the past.
Like so many other times I have helped out people like Adam of Darkslinger with some of his projects Dan has stepped up and helped with mine.  Thank you Dan!

I think that this show will really give me the chance I need to step in the lime light.

Ever have have one of those kind of characters that you thought was a throw away or just a one book character?  Y'know, kinda like one hit wonder?
Well I guess that is not true for the character of Corpse Cop.  It seems funny to me that he just keeps turning bak up and up.  And it gets better as I have been asked if someone can use him in their books.  I said hell yeah.  
Like I said this character has an appeal that was totally underestimated by his creator.  
AND ON THE FRONT the story for "Arctic Wolf" is nearing completion.  And I have asked another one my friends Paula Akin to help edit the book for me when totally completed.  Much to my joy she was visibly thrilled with the idea. So it may look like Corpse Cop may have another book coming out AND another one shortly there after.  Sure we have seen how zombies are taken out hand to hand, gun to head other ect. but I keep looking for a walking corpse take out another and that has been a little bit of challenge but fun and I think that there may be another one coming out after words. So keep watching.

Well the Re-Scrubs piece is coming along but it has been hard to work on as there are so many layers that I hadn't really planed on, title design, logo and the actually piece but the end result I think will be rockin'!  There will be more to come in following weeks.



One more bit of scripting of Richard Parker's demise and apparent watery resurrection into the story.  It reads like a old Twilight Zone episode. And currently I have this one on the run as we learn how Richard Parker met his demise and the introduction of Rose, his watery companion.  
It's been fun writing this.

Actual film work being done- as a zombie.
Just lookin' for a bite!
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