Sunday, August 11, 2013

Closing in on Target

Hey there sports fans, Al here with the latest:

"Juice Box" detail 2013 copyright Alan Bennett and BBVA
As this kid's birthday gets closer and closer the faster the art pieces are getting to being completely finished.  Thats a HUGE SIGH of relief.  Whew!
Currently the "Juice Box" piece (which is the largest and the most detailed as well as being the last) is nearing completion.  That's a wonderful feeling.  Of course now comes the hard part of the marketing, framing and some of the other merchandising that goes with a show.
BUT AS ONE PROJECT comes to an end another one waits right around the corner.  


Firstly there is the 88 STRONG show that is taking place at the end of this September.
As of this last monday I was contacted via email that Chris Haberman and Jason Brown (both of the People's Art of Portland Gallery) were getting another group of artist doing 8"x8" images and their theme based upon 88 different word terms.  Hence the 88 Strong title.
In years past I had the fortune to be part of such a show and had the chance to play up my painterly skills.  But now comes the question- could I feasibly do a show , in acrylic paint and have it done by September and have a comic ready as well for the Rose City Show?
The answer is no.  As much as I would like to be part of a show like that I just don't have the time.
In addition to this, another group show popped up.  As I was working at one of my local hangout and working between commissions another gallery group representative  approached me for hanging up work also in September.  This gallery called the ARFU gallery.  Not much  is really known about these guys but I will keep my eyes open ask my fellow artists if they have any feeling about this place. 
But again just no time.

Corpse Cop "Arctic Wolf" page 5
White Marker on Black Bristol
2013 copyright Alan Bennett and BBVA

As the marker drawings have been coming fast and furious another book looks like it is beginning to take shape and this is a good thing because I can't be living off the old stuff forever.  I have seen what happens when a independent doesn't have a new book of any kind to show and their credibility as a creative force in comics looses it's potence.
I have seen a lot of talented guys just skating buy on their work of the past while lesser talented artist drive on by and actually achieve the success that the more talented creators should have had.   This is why I have to work as hard as I can to get things done the way that I see that see that they should.
This means even turning out a mini.  An I know it's been a while since I have done that.  And it also looks good up on my wall as kind of plaque that says "I made this."


This kinda goes along with a talk that I had with my old friend about  entitlement. What is meant by that is as any creative force it isn't just enough to have the talent or the drive to finish what you have or even the belief to be compensated for all your hard work but the belief in yourself that you are deserving of success. I mean Everything. 
You look at any pro out there and you'll see a confidence radiating in the work, in the attitude of the creator  and a pride that most artists just cower to when faced with true real success.  We all have the tendency to belittle ourselves and doing so, self sabotage our ability to be more than we are.   
When you hear that common phrase "I'm just the artist" thats the self sabotage I'm talking about because reinforces the idea that we are no better than where we are.  That's a lot of bull!
I know that sounds a little preachy but I believe this to be true.  When I look at the new images  that I have been making over this last year, it just looks better and more thought out than I have ever done before.
So here is to the success that I am rightly due.

Design for the RE-SCRUBS

CD images are being compiled to send off marker sketches to the group, the Re-Scrubs.  Of course working a toilet into an image that is interesting has been a bit of a challenge for the kid but that's part of the process I don't mind.  I'm getting paid for my artistic ability.
Soon after that I should be getting Bigfoot ready as well.


One more bit of scripting of Richard Parker's demise and apparent watery resurrection into the story.  It reads like a old Twilight Zone episode. 
It's been fun writing this.


Actual film work being done- as a zombie. Amongst other things that I do during production.
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