Sunday, July 28, 2013

Varying Degrees

 Hey there sports fans, Al here with the latest:

Still working on these but as the art for the one man show begins to dwindle down, these items will begin to show up soon.  And it is happening very soon.  Currently workiing on the second to last image for the One Man Show.  When the last piece is completed I need to organize and get the post cards done and buttons.  And I think I will be hitting up a GoFundMe account to help defer the cost of both and hopefully help the cost of framing these awesome pieces.
A large version of MAJOR TOM is being worked on.

"MAJOR TOM"  Day 1  16"x20" scratchboard for the One Man Show
copyright 2013 Alan Bennett and BBVA
copyright 2013 N.W.I.P.A.

The N.W.I.P.A. limited addition t-shirt for an october release is done and paid in full!  Good news for the kid and clears the plate which brings me to this...
As one piece of art is completed another there is to take it's place and the commissions are like that.  Not less than about an hours of receiving payment in full for the N.W.I.P.A. October limited t-shirt, I was hit up for another image for a CD cover at the bar.
Pretty cool!
Like I said this is where I make my money at and now this would also bring up my total to four different musicians and groups.  I am hoping to hear more from Mike later this week.  But I still have one outstanding commission to work on which is a birthday card piece.  That one should be fun.

DedEx logo
 copyright 2013 The Velvet Coffin
ALSO in the very shrinking spare time that this kid has, I have been devoting a little of my spare time to working on a small video production with ( you guested it ) - zombies!  

Initially only brought on the production for doing quick story boards became something much more than I had anticipated but because an old friend wanted my help with it I said sure.  
Well now I am an actor -of sorts. Groaning my way to the top if I can shamble my way there.  
More of this info can be found at   
How long I may be attached to this production I am not sure of as yet. All depends on the One Man Show really.
"Rose's Embrace"
sketch 2013

"Under the sea"  color doodle 2013
Funny how one thing can totally spark a flood of ideas for a story and characters.  When I started I thought I would just have one piece of art that would reflect my liking to old deep sea diving gear.  Well I was certianly wrong about that idea.  Not only did one image come out of it but an entire story and couple illustrations and scratchboards to be etched out it.  Richard Parker it seams to have a life of his own.
Much fun figuring out how to conjoin the intro and end of the story that has already been written down.

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