Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Art Progression

Hey there sports fans, Al here with the latest:
"The Watery Adventure of Richard Parker"  11"x14" scratchboard
copyright 2013 Alan Bennett and BBVA


Truth to be said but sometimes as an artist if you wanta be noticed you got to get out and troll the places where people are going.  And that is a bar or pub.  People will notice you and inquire on what you are working on. After working so many comic shows when there is a lull in the show almost all artists I know will bust out their drawing pads or sketchbooks and start drawing something.  The bars cene is one of the places I have found that works out great for me.
Now I know that probably sounds really hooky (like the way people refer to the bar scene as a "Meatmarket" when looking to hook up with the opposite sex) but I have drummed up more work by working on something like that than anywhere else except maybe a coffee shop in the morning.  I will say that morning people are not as willing to approach you as they would after downing a few pints of their favorite beer but it pretty close.
Almost all of my commission work has come from working this angle.  

Still working on these but as the art for the one man show begins to dwindle down, these items will begin to show up soon.
Still trying to figure out to finish a story that works and tickles that funny bone all a the same time.  But the character is still going strong.

The quest for that one great design for a tee is beginning now.  The one thing that is different about this commission is that it is a group of owners that I am working with as opposed to dealing with one person.  SO to cope with a group I have decided to offer them five choices for a design rather than three. 
In this way I can offer several choices to people and let them fight it out which design they like better.
I did a follow up by going in and talking to them and a choice and it is BOOOM!  But with this there will be a few modifications done to the original one and there will soon be a t-shirt.
The grand decision of which was I should run with the t-shirt has been talked about with Dan, Jackson and Zoe on which way I should render the t-shirt for N.W.I.P.A.  Markers it is!
Ratpriest (it is actually one word as I have learned) has the work in hand and I am excited to see how it turns out.

Although work on the actual mini has stopped not the the work on Poodlemoth Man.  I have been going going over and viewing several images and flicks of old fifties sci-fi.  All have a great static scenes.  A large (by my standards) version etched on a 16"x20" scratchboard has been made to generate I hope interest in the character and story.
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