Sunday, July 14, 2013


Hey there sports fans, Al here with the latest:

After the Latest Rat Priest commission was dropped off I started talking to my friends Jason and Jen of both Ash Music and Devil's Toolbox Graphic Design and retrospectively.  Good people and Jen and I hit off the first time we met totally geeking out about art supplies and the like.  That was about three years ago when I come to think about and after a major move here in town,
At the time I wasn't aware that either was an artist or a owner of a company, just a couple of cool people to have a beer with.  In my time of meeting people and networking through the bar scene I have made some real good contacts as well as making some good commissions.  
With the Rat Priest work that bumps my total up to three groups here in town.  And definitely a diverse group of people and their music.  A challenge to any artist to interpret a group.
So I am hoping to hear more from them both as I look at redesigning the Black Box web site with Jen's help and figure out more about the postcards and t-shirts to sell at the shows down the road. 

One story is in the works and one just has to be transfered to scratchboard for work. The scratchboard this time around I beleive won't take me as long to work on as the technique has refined since the first work hit the press over three years ago.  The biggest question I have is with the Markers making a HUGE IMPRESSION on the work recently the question about putting text to the story makes me wonder.  Just visually telling a story like I want to with the up coming "Dreams of Elysium" graphic novel.  Or is just a spill over?  That's what I think about so I will be talking to my editor about this.

Rat Priest is in the bag! 
Paid and delivered.  But now comes the question of actually listening to them.  Yes it's an odd thing to think about but at the time when the carrot is being dangled in front of you that's when you just go for it.
My friend Jason and I as well as other friends Adam, Dan, George and Dax have talked about this at one time or another. 
Everybody has slight difference of opinion on this.
My personal opinion is that you shouldn't ever do that strictly for the money.  To me it has to be a bit of a challenge and you enjoy working on projects.  If that ever happens then I will walk away and not look back.
I might eat my words for saying that but here I am currently.

Just waiting for that little thing to happen.

Nothing yet but that can always change.

Still writing dialogue that sounds fifties-ish.  As well as writting the visual notes on what is to be seen on the page.  But that traditional comic is in the works.  But so fun to make my own monster movie.

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And the kid is out of here!

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