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 Hey there sports fans, Al here with the latest:
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Thats saying a lot but the truth of the matter I have come to really enjoying working on these marker comps for up coming projects that are projected to become scratchboard pieces down the road.  And this goes right to the matter that they are quick and fast (mostly) and it is applicable to the individual work that i have been doing but the comics as well.
Well the title says the pricing for commissions has to go up for the work but without scaring too many people in the process.   So I am currently evaluating my price list to reflect the change. I SHOULD have something that's not to outrageous at least that's my hope anyway.

As the one man show slowly begins to take shape other small products also do ass well.  Now newer button versions are going to be made as well as postcards.  Some of my other creator friends have these little babies out with their other merch.  Well its about time that I start doing that as well.
T shirts are another product I want to look into.  I think the marker version would translate better than the scratchboard work.


As soon as the rendering is completed for the one man show I plan on working on Corpse Cop again.  Corrax the Seeker just didn't take but the undead seem to have staying power.
So if I can just be able turn out another book either scratchboard or marker both would be awesome to have out on a table.

Rat Priest
Rat Priest is moving into high gear and should be nearly complete by the end of this week then it's onto the groups logo.  They both have be created separately for the use that might be for t-shirts and other merch for them during the dates that they would be out playing gigs around town.
Of course if I can get one of those t-shirts that would be cool too.  :)

It looks like the T-shirt commission is now moving into place for N.W.I.P.A.  Now if you remember right around Christmas of last year I was hired to a do a top of the tree ornament for the front of their business.  Well as I beginning to work on the Gilrandree commission piece while having a beer Dan (one of the owners at the bottle shop) hit me up for doing a t-shirt for them.  The last commission piece from them was more a typical black and white illustration of classic old school angel with a pony keg and a six pack.  Y'know bringing  the New Year with Holiday Cheer?
Anyway that piece went over well and now I have another one in the works for these guys.   Cool.  

Nothing yet but that can always change.

Still plodding on with this because there is always something that needs to be added like more cheesy lines of dialogue and set up for what will happen to other characters in the story.

"Dreams of Elysium" graphic novel seems to be moving again but this time the rendition is in markers rather completed scratchbaord.  This gives me the time and my editior to choose the best and strongest images I can to have the greatest impact with people.  

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