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  So much stuff to write and post.

Mister Devon Devereaux
Hey there sports fans, Al here with the latest:
Well the title says the pricing for commissions has to go up.  BUT the question was always been- how much.
After a little jaunt downtown to see my friend Devon at a Saturday/Sunday Market situation and talked to him for a bit and then I happened to be in the neighborhood of Mister Kevin Cross.   Now for about the last 5 to 6 years Kevin has been working as a freelancer in the art field.  He firstly backed up what George and Dan had told earlier in the week.  Devon backed them both up with what is called a "kill fee". 
Mister Kevin Cross
 Definition: a fee paid to a freelance writer (or in this case and illustrator) for material written or illustrated on assignment but not used
I had heard the term used before but believed it be used improperly by other creators.  All (my art buds) of the above mentioned corrected my misunderstanding.
So I am currently out the contractual wording so I have both a physical and a virtual contract between myself and potential clients in the future.  No more just word of mouth virbal contract and a handshake to seal a deal.  
As the one man show slowly begins to take shape other small products also do ass well.  Now newer button versions are going to be made as well as postcards.  Some of my other creator friends have these little babies out with their other merch.  Well its about time that I start doing that as well.
T shirts are another product I want to look into.  I think the marker version would translate better than the scratchboard work.
CC Marker Page 9
CC Marker Page 8
As soon as the rendering is completed for the one man show I plan on working on Corpse Cop again.  Corrax the Seeker just didn't take but the undead seem to have staying power.

So if I can just be able turn out another book either scratchboard or marker both would be awesome to have out on a table.
Rat Priest is moving into high gear and should be nearly complete by the end of this week then it's onto the groups logo.  They both have be created separately for the use that might be for t-shirts and other merch for them during the dates that they would be out playing gigs around town.
Of course if I can get one of those t-shirts that would be cool too.  :)
The Masque 16"x20"....
New Stories to be made!  
COMMISSION NEWSFLASH:  Nothing to report as of yet.
So strange I had to snap a shot.

The One Man Show is underway.  I am really excited about this show as things begin to really come together with the scratchboards.  New techniques being added.   Looking good.
ODDITIES:  None to speak of yet but there is always some thing out there like MONSTERS OF COCK!
I kinda blame my friend George Leon for this but we were having such a hilarious time talking about ideas and that title came up and like so many things BOOM! there it was... Abraxas!  Another anthropomorphic character. I can't help it if like drawing them and I know I am good at it!

One of the biggest issues that any creator has is "How do I finish this?"  Now some don't ever complete a ending because during the creative phase things change and for a lot of people they have no "safe guards" or checks and balances like and an editor to keep the creativity vs. audience acceptance of the material.  BUT I THINK I KNOW HOW TO END THIS STORY.
  In keeping with the cheese factor (and flavor, hummm del-ish!) what a better way of dispatching  a monster like this by using a something equally outlandish.  I have already mentioned this in last weeks blog and I think the story will be great and the mini will see the light of day.
ALSO along in the book the intro and at the end of the book is going to a brain of some kind to begin the story as well as end it.  Fun times as well as a poster that is in the works currently.
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And the kid is out of here!

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