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 Hey there sports fans, Al here with the latest:

The time of the year has slowed down for shows but not product.
Right now ia prime time to get things done and ready for up coming events.
Like the One Man Show A.K.A. Scratch of the Dead.  The first these new pieces will a large rendition of "The Masque". 
Major Tom, The Poodlemoth Man, Hellhound and Mermaid will be done size @ 16"X20".  The only thing larger than that is an 18"X24" piece call "Juice Box".  According to some friend in the Underground Comix arena the title says it all.  So if a title is as good as the image I'm batting 1000!

In the work(s) I believe that I will be calling on my friend of mine Rizzo, and see about getting some more buttons made.  The Rat Priest buttons did really well for me at Crypticon so I can only assume that they would be a bigger hit at any of last remaining shows as well as Scratch of the Dead event I have set up later this year.  But knowing my friend, it'll cost me. :).
I think a newer version of everybodies favorite back talking corpse will be featured.

Speaking of that undead fool a black and white marker version rather than scratchboard.  And though that medium is just AWESOME for that character it does take some time to do a bunch of panels.  AND so when Stumptown Comic Festival was going and some of dead spots when no show going person was stopping by the table I kept myself busy drawing in a newly acquired black sketch book with white markers.  Suddenly Corpse Cop just started to fly off the pages.  When Jason looked over at what I was doing he said "You should do a whole comic like that with Corpse Cop in it."
I liked the idea.
It would be quick and raw.  Which for Jason totally rocks and the inventiveness of a new variation of the comicbook and of this character.  The style of the white marker on black is not that much different than the etching I do with scratchboard.  In fact I now use this as a means to expedite creative ideas that are meant for scratchboard commissions.
So in the near future there maybe a different formated Corpse Cop book out there before the end of the year.
Rat Priest Commission

The Gilrandree commission is complete and will making his journey to his new home in about one week. 
Rat Priest commission moves into high gear right now.  Not really much more to say other than that but there have been a few changes to the layout of the album.  I still have the logo to contend with but that is a different issue. But it is looking pretty cool right now.  
It was one the "duh" moments that you have as an artist andn you realize wow I should really say something about this.
In a conversation that I had with my homies George Leon and Dan Depolo contractable agreements came up.  George had mentioned that the work I have been doing has garnered a lot questions. Not just the verbal agreement for half down and half on completion of said project but what to do when a client can't actually come through with the cash?  Now currently this  hasn't come up or as an issue but there will be that time when I may run into that. SO with that thought I think that a third of what paid up front covers the cost of the materials is non refundable and time prepping the work.
It was something that had been on my mind when I hadn't received a message about the Gilrandree commission recently.  But I plan on talking to some other peers about this to get a good consencious of what the best way to deal with this.  Dax and had talked about the raising of prices to reflect the mastery of the medium (everything from size of the piece to be rendered, varnishing and framing to the amount the visual elements and complexity of the project and any special addendums that the client wants added) .
Of course this is a work in progress as with everything else.

"Juice Box" 
Here is one of the images that will be rendered in scratchboard and is the major center piece 18"x26" 

"Good Lord!" The Savage Poodlemoth Man
The story continues to keep building but I think I know to end the story for such a creation gone bad.  Lets just say that as a kid there were things you do with bugs and magnifying glasses.  It has to be cheesy because the idea of this creature of science is just a giant slab of the wheel of weird fantasy.  Even the beginning of the book will have introduction of one the many characters that I love to illustrate like the crypt keeper or any of Eerie Warren Magazines of the 70's.  I think that this is what will make the AtoZ Horror titles "Weird Atomic Tales" fun.
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And the kid is out of here!

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