Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Hey there sports fans, Al here with the latest;
The scanning has started as well as the pre edited lettering.  No color on this beast yet but it will be there
soon.  I am hoping to hear from Jason soon about this.  Later this evening I got confirmation from Jason that the edits on CTS #2 were done. Sweet another issue on the way to the printer soon.
By the time of this posting the art work for the Goodfoot's "Monster Mosh" will have been dropped off and ready for a show later this evening. I will be posting images later.
Not much in imagery for the show itself but lots of things around it did come up.   One was being interviewed for my friend Devon Deveraux cakling imp podcast.   On a side note about Mister Deveraux.  I have known Devon since I first met him at Stumptown about five years ago I believe.
I have to blame it on the mutual admiration of William Shatner.  Devon had presented a postcard entitled "The Transformed Man".  An awesome piece if you haven't seen it. Check out here for the podcast of the show @
"Natural VS. Supernatural" 2 is now complete.  The original piece had sold a year and half ago so I had to make a new one from (pardon the pun) from literally scratch.
  Now done looking at them in comparison the newer version has incorporated the new techniques that I have been working since first one was made.  Pretty damn  cool I would say.
ON TOP OF THIS another commission came my way as I was working my scratchboard piece of the Thing over a few drinks. The piece is of Bigfoot on a 5"x7" for a birthday present for my bartender's daughter.
I just love these pieces going out as birthday presents!
The owner of the same bar (The Slingshot Lounge) that I was commissioned for Bigfoot is hitting me up for a commission piece for a band design.
Now mind you this wouldn't be the first time I'd been hit up for art for a local band but lets just keep adding up the commissions.  Makes an artist just want to hangout at the bar all day.  I'm really not sure if thats a good thing or a bad thing.
Now this is something I have always hedged around even though I know that the only way to get my work really out to the world is to use the internet and all that it has to offer.  With being said and some of the newly found resources from the latest E.C.C.C in Seattle, I have slowly working on getting both the comics submitted to and getting the previous comics that I have made offered digitally though from all the Pandora' Garage volumes 3 and 5, Corpse Cop, Johnny Vega and Corrax the Seeker.
Now on the strictly art side of things there is the online shop of Big  Check out my friend Dan DePaolo who has and Esty shop on line and is connected to his blogger site Big Cartel. So I am pushing to get the work out for both and still produce new stuff. I am also getting invites to RAW Artists @

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