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Hey there sports fans, Al here with the latest;
The editing on CTS#2 is completed and now to the corrections that need to be made!  Thank you Jason!
Sweet another issue on the way to the printer soon.
For me, thats kinda a bummer but being a lone comic book creator I don't have the luxury of having a paid editor on my staff of one.  Sometimes, just sometimes, you have to stop and take a serious look at your work objectively.  In this case I have to contend that the work has to be seen in a favorable light with the right audience.  Jason is right about the work (the storytelling) comes to a complete stop when you turn the page.  This means I'm to close to the work and what is clearly clear  to me, the artist and creator, is not clear to the audience.
   Now how long the redrawing of the pages is going take is anybodies guess I just hope sooner rather than later.   But I want that book to be good.  Would every artists out there want that?
My hope is that Corrax will be completed soon.   Two separate stories combined.  We'll see how it plays out.
No more shows as of this time.  But knowing The Portland scene that can change very easily.
During the latest deal with the Monster Mosh on Easter earlier this year I was contacted via Facebook by a group calling itself RAW natural born artist group.  They are a group of "artists for artists" or at least thats the tag line I have read.  Now I like to think that I am pretty open minded guy and that ALL ARTISTS are above board and represent themselves the same.  I came away from a conversation this last sunday wondering if this group really was representing themselves in that fashion.
I don't think so.
In the conversation (like all advertising that I learned in school) the mention of the name of the group (more than three times) seemed to be the focal point and when I mentioned that a one night show just didn't do it for me I think was nail that put my chances of dealing with this group on a indefinite hold.
Personally I am glad about that.  Having to pay to play in a smorgasbord of other artists that I don't know in a some kind weird Mandelbrot set  ain't work for me.  And as I talked to my close friend he said it sounded like a scam.   Artist don't have that kind of money and be seen as just one of many I have had to deal with for many years at shows.  I want my one man show.
When I was at the bar a friend of mine named Joey Mass came in we started talking about the gallery scene.  You see, Joey shows work here in town and at the bar we were sitting in as well as showing art down in Southern California Hollywood.  He been doing this for a couple of years now so I can safely say he knows the business.  He bristled up when I mentioned this group and backed up what Dax had said to me about thinking they're a bunch of scam artists, so the two of these guys are to me golden.
BUT IT DID DO ONE THING FOR a funny way Joey asked me if I could put together a group of images together.  I said sure for mid October.  I realized at that moment I had just talked myself into doing a one man show!
Well hot damn!
However I will say anybody who is approached by this group should read this review of RAW.  It will put things in perspective.
Well with piece known as "NATURAL V.S. SUPERNATURAL" 2 been turned over to the commissioner opens a few spots to work on new art.  Of course in celebration of the sale drinks were imbibed and the hand off of money was done but not the actual image. 
This made for some amount of hilarity.
But now as the week progressed there has been some changes going on with this little bit o artwork.  My doing another band cover design for my friend Eric of Rat Priest here in Portland is one.  The others are for my friend Rose and a piece for her Daughters birthday and another Frankenstein piece for my friend Randi.
Turning into quite a machine when it turns to this stuff.
Now this is something I have always hedged around even though I know that the only way to get my work really out to the world is to use the internet and all that it has to offer.  With being said and some of the newly found resources from the latest E.C.C.C in Seattle, I have slowly working on getting both the comics submitted to  and getting the previous comics that I have made offered digitally though from all the Pandora' Garage volumes 3 and 5, Corpse Cop, Johnny Vega and Corrax the Seeker.
Now on the strictly art side of things there is the online shop of Big  Like my friend Dan DePaolo who has and Esty shop on line and is connected to his blogger site Big Cartel. So I am pushing to get the work out for both and still produce new stuff.

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