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Hey there sports fans, Al here with the latest;
Again I have to say thank you to Mister Jason Pott for letting me share his table and pushing NeoTrash Comix around like the trashman I am.  We have been sharing table space for the last couple of years at a variety of shows here in the Northwest and have had a great time doing so.  As Jason likes to say "If I'm not having fun doing it I'll find something else."  Of course I am paraphrasing that statement but that is the general feeling about the passion for the comix he has.
I am looking forward to it.  If you have time and cash and are in town, stop by. 
Stumptown Comics Festival 2013
I am also looking to have about 10 large prints made of both color work I have done for the Emerald City Monsters and Dames submission as well as some of the color work that I have been applying to my scratchboard work.
That small collection I believe will open up another door for the work to be received.  AND with the addition of the popular characters from mainstream comics it allows the style of scratchboard to be seen as a massive platform it can be.
I am currently talking to my printer about the work right now.  All the work I want won't be ready for Stumptown but will be by the time Cyrpticon rolls around.
Still on hold.  I'm seeking to figure out what I can do to finish this character before I put him to bed.
Corpse Cop "Arctic Wolf" page 2
It's been a while since we had heard anything from this guy but with the pull out of CTS#2 other stories that I had written and thumbnailed out are being dusted off currently.  "Arctic Wolf" is a  new story line.  In Corpsecilce story line CC had mentioned in passing how he has had to deal with other monsters briefly so I decided to play on this foreshadowing plot device.  I was happy to see this develop.  The amount of work that will really on focus on two characters at any one time.  For me as the artist this rocks.  So how will this new story line be rendered? Scratchboard of course.  After the way everybody went gaga over the last book it just made sense to do it again.
Watch here for more as this project develops.
Got start planing what I am going to do for "Scratch of the Dead" show for October.
I have been talking to my framer at the art store about floating my 16"x20" in a 2" black boarder and frame.  My thinking about the space is I will need about 16 different pieces for this show I think that I can do this if I start now.  
Frankenstein Commission 2013  
9"x12" Scratchboard- in progress
Of course I can't take credit for that one since my friend Dax coined that title.  Another idea for a series of scratchboards to be created using familiar faces and mugs are the evil/mad scientists.  Pushing science to it's ultimate end and the downfall of humanity.  I think I may call that show "The Weird Science Project" or TWSP for short.
Second commission is in the works with Frankenstein and then Rat Priest.  This is turning out pretty cool.  Here is an example of the Frank piece as it develops before I varnish and frame it.
Still working on this but currently precluded with commissions at this present time.
If your wanting to look at some of the older blog for Black Box Comix you can check them out here. Black Box Comix Blog.
Or if you're interested in purchasing something that catches your eye  check out here on the Big Cartel web site.  Big Cartel.

And of course is always the backlog of comics here at Indyplanet.
And that is it for the kid, 'cause a commissions are waiting to get done.

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