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CTS#3, Page 2
Hey there sports fans, Al here with the latest;
CTS #3, Page 1
Scanning has started for issues 3 and 4 for CTS.  What does this mean?  Well for starters it means that editing can take place much earlier in the creative process.  Also means that when coloring is done then it's to formating for the printer. And done.
Being obsessive about a comic books like Corrax or Vega (remember that guy?) has always had pit falls and finishing a project and seeing a story that you worked on completed is awesome!  But like I said it holds back the books from being completed on deadline.  Damn being a perfectionist.
There is at least one more Corrax book that I want to work on and collect all of them into one volume.  Both presentations are much different than each other.  A.I. Wars has a much grittier and noir kind of feel with a touch of revenge. The Cosmic confrontation story being worked right now, which is much more a horror theme than sci-fi.
And of course there are a few other stories that deal with Corrax and the Cosmic Ax.  That story is gonna be a interesting one.    I think that with a collection of Corrax there will be a fair amount  of Vega added in as well.   We gotta see where he came from physically as mentally too.
A.I. Wars
ALSO ON CTS here is a bit of more info about the reason for seeking.  With as much background that I have had with Johnny Vega and writing the Man of the Future and several conversations with friends on this characters creative process there has been many addendums to his origin and taking that templet I have applied it to Corrax as well.  Here is a preview of some of the A.I. Wars that has been mentioned and the future CTS. 
Tis true that gallery cannot run on simple creative thought they need artists as much as artist need them (or maybe not as much) but the fact is I have been asked to participate in a new show called "MONSTER MOSH".  Now to me that is right up my alley with all the work I have been doing with the scratchboard.  And the Creature will be on show as well
As of a few days ago a friend of mine had received one the "Scratch Pad" booklet of my previous work.  Her sister had been looking over the work and had found a piece to her liking "Natural VS. Supernatural".  Now that original piece had sold a year and half ago so the only thing I had to go off was the image that I had scanned in.  But the thing to keep in mind is that though the subject matter is the same the application is different.  So in fact that the work being produced is brand new.  I think that is cool.
Now this is something I have always hedged around even though I know that the only way to get my work really out to the world is to use the internet and all that it has to offer.  With being said and some of the newly found resources from the latest E.C.C.C in Seattle, I have slowly working on getting both the comics submitted to and getting the previous comics that I have made offered digitally though from all the Pandora' Garage volumes 3 and 5, Corpse Cop, Johnny Vega and Corrax the Seeker.
Big Ass Cup of Coffee!
Now on the strictly art side of things there is the online shop of Big  Like my friend Dan DePaolo who has and Esty shop on line and is connected to his blogger site Big Cartel. So I am pushing to get the work out for both and still produce new stuff.
This kid is busy.  And I am outta here with a Big Ass cup of Coffee in hand!

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