Sunday, March 17, 2013


Hey there sports fans, Al here with the latest; 

Well now that E.C.C.C. 2013 is over for another year and the question of where's is Corrax the Seeker #2?  
Right of this moment CTS #2 is in the capable hands of Jason Z. Pott or Jpo as some of us like to call him.  Mr. Pott has already gone through the first issue of CTS with massive red pen and torn down the extra stuff that didn't need to be there and trimmed the story to make it some that people could get through without tripping over themselves while going through the book.
And the goal now is to have the second issue of CTS ready by the time Stumptown Comics Festival rolls around here in Portland.  
Currently, issues 3 and 4 are being inked and be ready for scanning by the time I post this blog.  I might hold off the real coloring job for the finished book so Jason has an idea and to curb my obsession with doing a  finished piece of work which is why I think that the second issue took so long to get done but I seem to remember that were other things going on at the time I was getting this book put together.  
Here are a few samples of the work in progress:

ALSO ON CTS here is a bit of more info about the reason for seeking.  With as much background that I have had with Johnny Vega and writing the Man of the Future and several conversations with friends on this characters creative process there has been many addendum to his origin and taking that templet I have applied it to Corrax as well.  Here is a preview of some of the A.I. Wars that has been mentioned and the future CTS Story.  

GALLERY SHOWS: 'Tis true that gallery cannot run on simple creative thought alone they need artists as much as artists need them (or maybe not as much) but the fact is I have been asked to participate in a new show called "MONSTER MASH".  OF course it is a one night kinda show so anything can happen as far as I know. Now to me that is right up my alley with all the work I have been doing with the scratchboard.  

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