Sunday, September 13, 2015

This is it! The DIVE IN! Art Show

Hey there sports fans, Al here with the latest:
Well of this posting the DIVE IN! Art Show is OFFICIALLY under way. It has like the art work that it is showcasing has under gone several changes. It is very exciting time for yours truly and occasionally nerve racking because you don't know how things are going to go sales or reaction to the subject matter.
Now mostly I know people like what they have seen but nothing else yet. So I am still waiting on that.

 Richard Parker marches on specially on the bottom of the sea. The show was a FANTASTIC! The turn out for the show was great. I had invited 94 people and 33 of them turned out! I felt this was a good support not only from the people whom I had long standing relationships with from the comic book shows and other associated art related events as well as work.
The very first thing was that I had no idea was that a piece had already sold by the time that I got to the show. I wasn't even aware as I was setting up the associated works likes like the t-shirts postcards, and original 8"x8" pieces from both the 88 STRONG show and the BIG 500.
I was really happy to see that some of my older pieces took off from the show that made me happy.

And I could be happier that some of my favorite pieces took off like Corpse Cop "Fill in the Blanks" .
This one totally surprised me as was never really exspecting Corpsie was never gonna leave the nest after two years but maybe I was thinking outside of the box thinking that the whole zombie thing was more of less over with in popular media but "The Walking Dead" and the spin off "Fear the Walking Dead" have proved me wrong. 

So Corpse Cop is now out of hands.

And of course the other prints that I had there got picked up by one big fan of my work. That is really cool.

One of the major pieces that wasn't Richard Parker themed that I knew was a strong piece was "The Last Monster on EARTH!" is gone! It found a good home with a man who it really spoke and connected with. I was had nice conversation with him and the origin of the character and he had wished that Robot Monster had been sporting big laser guns in the movie.
 I had explained that the  guns were based upon an older Outer Limits episode "Soldier". Of course this made the buyer smile because he had just been rewatching the DVD sets of the series.  He loved it!

It's those kind of moments that make a great impression that make selling a good piece better.

Who knows there maybe some more down the road.

There was another sale but Richard Parker is going to be diving into someone's home. He is really gonna find a place to call his own.

Now on totally different note.

 The DIVE IN! Art Show playlist 2015 
ON TOP OF THAT.. I have also made a play list for the show. Not a long one only two hours but that should be long enough to get the point across that this is a sea and water event.

All in all it was and IS a great show!

As of last week when my girlfriend and I headed up to the far end of Washington State at Port Townsend I received an email for a H.P. Lovecraft themed images based upon "the Shadow of Innsmouth". 
An example of the Shadow over Innsmouth

I'm curious to see how I will handle this considering the way it is to be illustrated. INSTEAD of the customary black and white of scratchboard I'll be switching to clayboard with a air-brushed dark green blanket to etch into.  This is something new for me as I have yet to really do something like this. And of course there is the price which has yet to be settled on but I am confident that I will be able to make this happen.

And that is it for this kid and I am outta here.
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