Friday, May 29, 2015

Aftermath and the Response

Hey there sports fans, Al here with the latest:

It isn't usually something that happens when I am writing a blog because to most people it nothing more than a rambling of things that one has. Mine for Black Box Comix/Black Box Visual Arts is no different.
Really in honesty I never have gotten a reposnse from anyone except a few friends when I first started writing about the work and the frustration of making comics and what was happening at shows and the like to get people to read them and buy them.
That tune hasn't really changed all that much but the reviews of the show past recently seem to have struck a chord with a few people of late.

And it is more of a correction than anything else really.

I was certain that I was going to piss a few (if not a lot) people off with the review of the show.
In times past I understood that my caustic diatribe would burn those people. This is quite true. When I am passionate about something truly passionate about something I state the facts as I see them.
Most people I think would do the same as well.
Of course your typical alcoholic would say the same thing not taking responsibility for their actions and blaming somebody else for they woes or some situation. I am not alcoholic and if I am would somebody please check me into a clinic.

True but this is not an apology. It is my opinion. 

If I were asked “Was I wrong about the set up?”
“Yer... no. But you didn't have to be mean about it.”
The moment you start to back petal you have already proven my point.
Life is full haves and have nots. And in this situation I had experienced this last weekend I had a handful of have nots.

My comments about the Volunteers was what set off the response. Here is the email I received this morning.
Sometimes I think being mean is the only way to get the point across if you want a proper change to take place. In this day and society everything is a sound clip and the latest meme.
My artwork is more than that. It's a lifestyle and way of looking at life around us all in a fantastic way.
I didn't think that people would want to see the same old shit that was an escape from the hum drum life of reality but would want to see something new and presented in a new way. I was wrong about that. Even the artist who sat across the way with his fantastic painted prints wasn't making any sales 'cept for one I spied from my vantage point. It seemed to me that people wanted recapture that old feeling shock and awe. I had new stuff that would have added to that but I guess that wasn't worth looking at.
I don't think I would be welcomed back but I could tell you this if I had the money and threw it at them I am pretty sure nobody is gonna say no just because this guy wrote some scathing review of the show.

I can live with that.
If you were to ask me to my face how are things I will stand behind what I have said.
If that makes me a not a nice person in your eyes so be it because I can live with that as well.
Again this is my opinion and this does not reflect anybody else's feelings about that show. Not Jason, not Adam, and certainly not my table mate George. None of these guys I have associated with at this show should be accountable for what I am writing about or my state of feeling.

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