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Writing and Creating

Well there sport fans, Al here with the latest:
A representation of a crow skull for reference for Corrax the Seeker

The last couple of weeks has been a turmoil of events that no one of a earthy convention would have foreseen. I have had the misfortune of having lost a family member recently. My older sister Carla. This is the misfortune for two out of the three times I've headed up to the Crypticon show.  I've had to deal with two deaths in close proximity of each other. One was a co-worker of mine that I found out on that last day of the first show. The second was my sister a day and half before I left for the show. 
A potential cover for "Last Monster on EARTH!"
Scratchboard with Digital Color

These losses have had the negative result in my tendency to lash out at those around me who have done me no wrong. This is not really and excuse and I would never use as such I'm willing to take the heat for anything I have said or done.  I'm just saying that I wouldn't usually never consider doing this to people I don't know.
This loss do to death is one reason for not going back: it makes me think perhaps it is  not only the money factor is that would keep me from going to this show.


Page 9 of a Layout for LMOE
I have wanted to keep people aware of how the "Last Monster on EARTH!" was shaping up for the next years printing a prepping myself for Linework N.W.
After being told to make more stuff like more comics to offer and other products. So to keep you in the know here you are with a few pages to accompany the image that I already have up for you for the make shift cover. There are of course other elements that need to be added to the work such as publisher (moi) issue #, the price and the Pulse Pounding coverage on the cover of the issue.
That kinda of stuff was always so prevalent when I was picking up the old Marvel Black and White Magazines back in '75-76 before Marvel switched gears and started Epic Illustrated in 1980.
Page 10 of a Layout for LMOE

The general idea is a fifties monster/robot mash up! Pitting the the Robot Monster (a.k.a. Anger Beast in the story for copyright infringement) and Robby the Robot (also being changed because of the same thing) along with other monsters and robots of a more bizarre nature. It's all swirling together slowly into a slow brewing stew that is taking place until I am currently done with the 88 STRONG SHOW for this year.
"Bunny with a Jet Pack" 8"x8" scratchboard for 88 STRONG show

"Mr. Spock" 8"x8" scratchboard for the 88 STRONG show
I am only able to get 4 out of the 8 pieces I had originally said I was going to do. I know that the scratchboard is my strongest suit but I have to think about other things that are needing my attention.
But I wanted you to know how things were looking for a late year's printing on this book and how things might turn out for the Linework N.W. show.
Maybe by the time I'm done with this book and getting the other two Corpse Cop books done I might be cool enough to hangout with the popular kids. Showing them that great stuff can be local too!
But I'm not quite ready to be part of a clique though.
But of course I have never been one for joining groups all that easily for the dealing with ego. Way to many times I have had to deal with that kind of shit and it is never fun.

I'm hoping that this weekend I will be able to work a little more on this story and tighten it up. As I have looked at it the rough draft has a bunch of hole starting to come through it and I need to tighten it up so it makes more sense. And top of that I am also looking at submitting it to ONI Press as well.
Why the hell not!
I ain't loosing anything by not trying.

Richard Parker is still swriling out there in the ether that is my brain matter.  But once the artwork is complete for the 88 STRONG show the other artwork I need to work on is Richard Parker. Once those are completed then it is onto the BIG 500 (or whatever they decide to call this year's next show.)

And if you think that I am giving anything away here you would be dead wrong and I would have to send Corpse Cop after you.

And I think that you and I both know that wouldn't up well for you!

So there you have it as far as the art goes for this weekend.

Never a dull moment for this kid- which is exactly the way I like it!
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And of course I still have my comics that I have worked on here at Indyplanet.

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The Website also has some new stuff added for the comic books featuring Corpse Cop.

 And with that this kid is outta of here I got work to do. 

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