Saturday, April 4, 2015

So a few little things...

hey there sports fans, Al here with the latest:

There was something I forgot to mention from last week's blog - info on the Linework NW show here in PDX.

The word is Black Box Visual Arts and Black Box Comix will not be participating in this event this year. Even though the set up is right I am now getting the feeling that hippisters have more or less taken over the independent
comic market and not letting old school comics show case their telling of stories and characters. If anything these stories that are being portrayed are situational rather than flashy character driven adventure.
This is almost the same feeling I was getting from Stumptown Comic Fest organizers over the last seven years I was attending.
Now as far as I am concerned it is still a great event to attend but it would be better if it represented all of PDX comic creators not just a favored
by jury this is what we would like in because the creators are cool looking avant garde types.
I have over the last couple of months tried to find out why Black Box didn't make the cut. But still no answer to my questions to improve

1) my relationship with the organizers of the show.

2) understanding of the juried show process and what is needed to improve chances of getting in the next year.

3) and whether it is simply because of subject matter OR lack of sequential story telling being shown on the website.

So these are a few things that are bugging me currently about this show.

Personally I still feel the white marker version of Corpse Cop or the detailed scratchboard story book version of Richard Parker is very independent. But hey what do I know ?

That both Richard Parker and Corpse Cop are true independent illustrated, edited and printed and presented by the creator not by some comic shop flunky who could give a rip except for the latest Green Lantern Tie in.

Sorry nothing wrong with the Lanterns or the tie-ins but like a lot of comic nerds I to am polarized by what's cool and what is not.

But if your organizing a show to represent some of best work you need to showcase all genres. and I know my work is good. I know it isn't the greatest but it definitely deserves recognition.

Day 4
Day 3

Taking to the depths for equalizing pressures Richard Parker is moving to the foreground for art production. This is a big deal for me because I want this artwork done for the September show. There are at least 10 9" x12" Richard Parker pieces and and about 4 11" x14" unrelated pieces as well.

The thing is about this work that some other artist might do- skimp on the quality of the detail. With this work there is as much detail placed on these smaller pieces as there is to larger formats.

So as a buyer your getting the same quality as you would from a larger and pricier piece.

Forbidden Planet

Man From Planet X
Mad Scientist - Peter Cushing
You've heard me talk about the idea of post cards in the past especially before last years Crypticon  Show well I am still moving towards that but with a different focus than the Halloween stuff. Something that has a much broader appeal. Now one of the biggest changes people are faced with is change. And that's actually covers quiet a bit of territory both in tech, emotional feeling and visual perception.


    That's when lightning struck!
What's not to love?
What did you just say?

[no-stal-jik nuh‐]

experiencing or exhibiting nostalgia, a sentimental or wistful yearning for the happiness felt in a former place, time, or situation.

That's it! NOSTALGIC.
She looked at me and her face brighten up. You're right!
Nostalgia Bad Ass! OR Bad Ass Nostalgic or B.A.N.
This is the set up for a casual walk I had this weekend when it hit me like a frying pan to the side of the temple. My girlfriend had said the word "nostalgia " in a passing phrase as a way to describe what I had been doing in my rendering of old classic characters that a lot of younger people wouldn't have any clue to what they were. And this word  accurately described what I was trying to accomplish with my artwork.

Check out these other sites as well.
And of course I still have my comics that I have worked on.  

And mind you there is website
and the facebook page

 And with that this kid is outta of here I got work to do.

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