Sunday, April 19, 2015

Closer to an Old Show - so to speak.

Hey there sport fans, Al here with the latest:

Linework NW is coming up this weekend and should be really fun to check out. It is a two day event and I'm not sure if I could make it to both days to see EVERYBODY who made it in (just a little jealous) but one day should be awesome in of itself.
I have found some of the coolest comics there and the price is right for the entry FREE! 

I found this and I really didn't think that I would actually see Dark Horse there but I was pleasantly surprised that I found this there at the show. A fantastic work of both comedy and revenge. If you can get a hold of this book I think you might be happy with your purchase.

As I might have said before but I'll say it again this show was done right - mostly.  Unlike the pretense of what a lot of my art buddies have said to me that the cost of admission is sometimes so high (like that of Emerald City Comicon) that the fans have no more money to spend on merchandise. That is a crying shame and adds to the people looking for free swag like business cards because they couldn't afford anything else.

 I only wish that other shows had offered a "open FREE to the public" that I have been part of in the past but I understand that you got to rent spaces and that is usually covered by part of the cost from ticket buyers and a smaller portion of the vendors showing their stuff. 

I know that I had some things that I was bitching about last weeks blog (hence the Soap Box Monkey) and really I think that I was justified in my responses to not getting into the show but I do really hope that this shows stays the same for the reasons I just mentioned above.   

For more on the LInework N.W. Show check out their link from here.

I will give a more detailed view of the show next week.

But aside from that...

The Crypicon Show for 2015 gets closer and closer every day (just like April 15th. So get those taxes done!)

Table layout from 2014
It is only a about a month away from now so I need to plan in advance for new 

1). Business Cards

2). a few new prints based off of the BIG 500 show and Richard Parker.

Corpse Cop #2 "Arctic Wolf"
3). Corpse Cop "Arctic Wolf" will be released! This would be awesome because I really wanted to debut it last year but cost and other things were getting in the way. You can check out he comics here.

Everything else is exactly the same because it DID NOT SELL last year because of the Human Wall of Shame.

SOOOOO..... it will all brand new again. Smiles!


WELL as my solo show grows a little closer all the time and in my own back yard I need to expedite images for that show. For me these images will be great. I am hoping to get larger images printed up from scans so I can really stretch the artistic story canvas of this character. 
I think (along with several others in my inner circle) that Richard Parker may be one of the best illustrative characters I have worked on.

I don't think that they are wrong about that.

Check out these other sites as well.
And of course I still have my comics that I have worked on here at Indyplanet.

And mind you there is website
and the facebook page 

The Website also has some new stuff added for the comic books featuring Corpse Cop.

 And with that this kid is outta of here I got work to do. 
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