Sunday, April 12, 2015

As May gets closer

Hey there sports fans, Al here with the latest:

Well now now as things begin to settle down a bit for from the move and the ever present taxes being dealt with art knows not when to chime in but always seems to do so as I begin to relax a bit.

As with this evening (April 7 Tuesday evening) not spending time at home, at work or over at my leading lady's place I decided that I would polish off “On Deck with Richard Parker” this evening – along with a glass of stout.

Ah there is nothing like that flavor as you sit back from a piece that had kind of been plaguing me but not nearly as bad the “Prepping Richard Parker” that nearly took three weeks to work on. Though the image is much worthwhile in my opinion it just took way to long to work on. There are shows that I need to be ready for here in the next month or so.

I did get finally get a response to my email about the Linework N.W. show happening here soon here in PDX. But I felt that the main reason that my work wasn't accepted was for two main reasons:

1). There wasn't any sequential art being shown on my website like you would find on most comic illustrators. Now mind you I have been moving away from that field for a while that is no big deal.

2). It (The art work itself) wasn't hip enough for these guys. Again I could be totally wrong about this and I have nothing but the greatest of respect for the way this show went down last year and I am really looking forward to this one but there is a lingering taste in my mouth that is a holdover from the old Stumptown Comics Festival with the click mentality of getting the best placement on the show floor and being really show boaty when your product really is artistically crap and everyone knows it.
I kinda feel that this clique attitude is still running strong here in Portland. It kinda of reminds me of the Anchorman Franchise with competing newsmen.

I am opinionated and won't excuse myself from speaking my mind but UNTIL someone can show me that I am wrong this is what I think of the current independent comic book atmosphere in PDX.

Here is the link if you happen to be in PDX around the 18th and 19th of this month Linework N.W.  or check out Facebook for other info here.

Well I kinda felt that this show was gonna be one of the ones I was gonna bow out of this last year after the miserable response I got from sales and the dealings with my other vendors mates. I thought that was it with this show but then I received a email that addressed my concerns and displeasure of the show as it stood. I was to pissed off at the time to really say what I felt at the time but over a period if time I was able to put my words into a best group complaints and how I was not happy about the show but NOW it's on!
I have to plan the products to take this time around and I will be ready to rock the f'ing house!


Of course later this year I have a another show again at NWIPA for the Dive In Art Show.  
In September. I do really plan on having a major Richard Parker theme going on for this show as time goes on. Hence the poster design that I have currently for the thumbnail.
With this show I plan to have many more prints ready to go as well as selling what I have for t-shirts that I have of the “Gentle Giant”, comics of Corpse Cop and postcards from last years show of "Robot Monster".
 So you can see I will have a very busy time selling products at only two show this year. I am also looking at the Possibility of having a open table show next year during the local Mississippi Show. I am curious about other shows that are taking place this weekend down in Salem at the Cherry City Comic Show but like I have said before I am trying to step away from these in favor of gallery work and commissions.

Other than that I am pretty much done for now and working on other items of interest.

Check out these other sites as well.
And of course I still have my comics that I have worked on.  

And mind you there is website
and the facebook page 

The Website also has some new stuff added for the comic books featuring Corpse Cop.

 And with that this kid is outta of here I got work to do.

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