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As of this posting the The Scratch and Burn Art Show Will have been up for a couple days by now.   And I hope it is a successful show like the NWIPA and Slingshot Show of the past.  All good times.

But now, like the question in the title above what's next for the kid.
Funny you should ask because I am thinking that there are a few places I wanta hit up in Portland.  Now mind you these are not high brow art gallery destinations (at least not in my opinion. But they're in high trafficked areas of PDX) but like what has been proven to me over the last couple of years is that my style of art seems to work better for more working class stiffs in pubs and biker bars than some downtown venue but that has been changing which is nice.

There are two galleys that I want to hit up right now.
SO with the web sight up and the show that is going on currently at SeeSees it would give other gallery's and their curators to see the work. 
I have yet to hear anything from Cafe Vita Coffee Shop out off of North East Alberta but I still have a few places to hit before my other show comes down from See See's.
Also like any cold call from a marketer I had also sent out an email to the Antler Gallery out in North East Portland.   I had just gotten an email from them (Antler Gallery) about my interest in showing at their gallery so now I wait to see if they'll bite.Ultimately I would love just to show in a gallery and away from the cafe/bar scene.  Though mind you there is nothing wrong with showing in either of those type of venues.  Remember that's where I got started.  But the public perception of a gallery and being shown makes the art work much legitimate. 
So hopefully, if the galleries are interested they will be able to see how it would look in their place of business.
But until that happens I'm gonna be sending out a general introduction email with a link to the website and a invite for the curators to take a look.
Keep your fingers crossed.

UPDATE on S.A.B.A. (S-cratch A-nd B-urn A-rtshow)
Good placement against walls, good turn out for show and good sales on related materials.
Postcards sold, limited edition prints and small original 5"x7" scratchboards also sold.  A nice interjection to move stock.

Separate images spliced together for the epic monster battle on the beach in "Dreams of Elysium"

Still moving forward pretty good with all the stuff that has been going on for the show but once Scratch and Burn is up and running its also back the drawing table and see what still needs to be completed before the end of the year.
D.O.E. is one on the high end of things to complete.  The marker comp version of this mega monster book is huge and the finish will be even more huge.
ALSO with the marker comp I may print up a limited addition for collectors so there is a comparison between the thumbnailed version and the final scratchboard addition.  And though there may be not a high demand for that I think it would be cool to have.   Along with some liner notes of the script as well.
THE OTHER BOOK Corpse Cop- "Inhuman Torch" is still

needing to be edited.
I still have two shows to make it to this year that I am obligated to do. 

One thing that has really come to me  recently was what do you really want to do?  

Comics or Artwork?

  Artwork to me is the thing I am working towards.  The comics have and always will be the way I trained myself to do work. 
But that's the way it works.  What can I say?  All the artwork will be influenced comics.

Not at the moment- unless I look in a mirror.

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