Thursday, July 3, 2014

ON TOWARDS THE WEBSITE... and other things

Hey there sports fans, Al here with the latest:

  Well things are moving ever closer to that so called good looking website and a whole new design for Black Box Visual Arts.  I guess you could call this a branding issue.  Since almost everyone including their Grandmother's dog has a website out there it made sense to get a real one working for me as way if sharing any artwork and style to those who either didnt have the time to look or had the time to talk to me directly or write me what kind of work tha I do.
  If they were intersted.
  So the website redesign from Vista Print set up that I had years ago is being given a major facelift and new breathing space that can include this blog as well as my online store and other e-commerce.  
Original Black Box Icon 1998
  Keeping up with the Jones I guess for the 21st Century.
  Of course that

Black Box Icon 2002
facelift also comes with a long look at a design that I have had for over 10 years now.  And since my declaration for switching from doing comics to fine art things had to drawn up again.  
So the icon and logo of BBVA is changing from my old simple graphic to a better looking design that mirrors the art that I am currently doing rather than the black box recording device I was using during a major upheaval that I had exsperinced years ago when still doing the comics.
  So here I am to show off what I have learned so far.
A mastery of scratchboard and moving into color and painting.  The last two items are something that I thought I would never do.  Boy, what did I know.
But I guess things come full circle and color is one of them.  Gotta do it.
As the new show comes within roughly a little over two weeks for See See Motor Coffee show
"Scratch and Burn" .
  With that it, just like it was earlier this year at Crypticon I will be selling the postcards, t-shirts and limited edition prints, theres gotta be a new business card and and above all that, a website.
I have known that I was going to have change that concept of a website and it looks that move is going to happen soon.
  So much self promotion, it isn't even funny.  


  I know that I had mentioned that I was going to make that huge shift to doing comic book related  art work but I can't totally turn my back on that medium that for years gave me the pleasure of dreaming of doing comics for a living.  I'm just not fast enough to crank out the art as fast as a major company would want me to do.  I think that a lot of fellow artists that I know would fall into that same situation I am in.  
 I was concerned a bit by the reaction of my peers to this change up in the art and story but I think that they realize that after my many various tries at making a viable character to sell it just ain't happening for the kid.  
So far not so much.  Perhapes the only exception to that would be Corpse Cop.  Im still trying to work out the details how to handle him right now.  

But the biggest deal is getting this graphic novel off the ground.  It such a massive undertaking for me that I can only look at it in small chunks and NOT BE OVERWHELMED. by the scope of what I am trying to do.  I want this book to do well.  That the reason for the lack of actual written dialogue in the work- even the lack of of sound effects are not included in this work.  It's kinda a Hitchcock Manuver letting the mind fill in the blanks.

  I really want this to be a major hit as well.  My biggest stumbling block according to my friends is that the conceptual ideas are awesome, it the written conversation that fall flat indescribing the motivation between characters.  
  And I sure wasn't going to hire a writter to fill my blanks for me.  I'm a creator not an idea man.  

  As artwork comes and goes for the art show and the graphic novel, other artwork is being drawn up and rendered.  And such is the case of of "Last Monster on EARTH".  I still have a crazy story with him in it and other monsters for him to fight in the grand ol'd style of Kirby.  That is on thing that I would love to see in print along with everything else that would come under the title "Weird Atomic Tales".
   My Robot Monster would be awesome in his own title but that might wait for another day.  Right along with the relaunch of Corrax the Seeker.  To me, both would be awesome and Corpse Cop would be fun to work on but I need a lot fan support before just going into it..... and a lot of capital.

"Last Monster on EARTH!"  11"x14" Scratchboard
2014 Copyright Alan Bennett and BBVA

Other that there isn't much other work to make comics of unless I had carte blanche with a couple of Marvel characters or one DC guy.

I can dream....
Not at the moment- unless I look in a mirror.

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And the kid is out of here!

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