Friday, July 11, 2014


Hey there sports fans, Al here with the latest:

Well the website is up!  After a long debate personally and where the website is finally going up.
Kinda a big deal for the kid because up to this point both personal and business material and artwork had been being shared on social networks like MySpace and Facebook.
Not so much any more. 
Business is important to keep separate from personal.  And to be successful you have to keep' em separated.
So here's a peek via jpeg what the home page looks like.

Pretty cool- even if it's a screen shot.  But it gives you the idea what's going on.  And the fact that it has so many other sites interconnected at one central hub is fantastic.   But it also means that I have to be much more diligent on the upkeep of my other sites as well.  So I have a lot of work still ahead if me.


The website couldn't have happened at a better time than now with a new show coming up.   With the scratch and Burn I have technically four new pieces going up and in frame.  One has already been seen a little but that okay.  Gentle Giant had gone up as a separate piece of art without a frame but now he gets his chance to shine properly.   Pretty damn cool if you ask me.

Next week should have almost everything ready to go.  Only thing left to get is new business cards.  I'm still working on that.  The new design for Black Box Visual Arts has to be incorporated into the new design for the company as well as what contact info I want to have on the card.    I think it's safe to say that I would call it "Art Nouveaua"
Anyway if you happen to find yourself in the Portland Oregon area and are looking for a cool spot to hang for the next month or so check out See See Motor Coffee.


Well the graphic novel is moving forward slowly but that's a good thing.  It means the design of the book is taking its time in its presentation.  It feels when I work on the thumbnails that this is almost a surreal comic project.  But the scale and scope of the art that is to come, it will be FANTASTIC!   Of this I can promise whole heartedly.

There are always slow times that come and go at work but it's the kind of time where you don't have the time to really do some serious work so you doodle on breaks and occasionally you find your mind slipping into comic mode.  Well Corrax the Seeker and Robot Monster are two characters that I have had a lot of fun with in the past so here you are.

So yeah, comics are never far from my mind no matter how much I say.  It's just an art form that I love and wish I could make money at but that's not the case for me.  But they are fun to do for a break.

Not at the moment- unless I look in a mirror.

More of this info can be found at

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There is also Twitter to follow and Tumbler The Other Scratchpad   as well 
Or if you're interested in purchasing something that catches your eye  check out here on the Big Cartel web site.  Big Cartel.
And of course is always the backlog of comics here at Indyplanet.
And the kid is out of here!

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