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Hey there sports fans, Al here with the latest:

Yeah man,  where did the week go anyway?  Seriously I have no idea. where the last couple of weeks have gone but I have been SUPER PRODUCTIVE as things move forward with a new art show coming up this mid July- The Scratch and Burn Art Show

I am really excited about this one but there are a few things that need to be done I hope before the show starts up to reflect the changes I have been talking about over the last several months.

One of those is getting a real active website that really reflect the personality of Black Box Visual Arts.  Both for the gallery work and the commossion pieces as well.
The other thing that has to change and evolve are the business cards for the company.  I woukd like to have both of these ready by the time the show opens on the 18th of July, from 6 PM to 9 PM.  At least that is my goal as well as two new pieces of art as well.
The new pieces are both 16"x20".  I decided to yank two of the lesser received images from the last two shows I have had and replaced them with "fresh stuff".  One of which is nearly completed at the moment "Death from Above" for
"Death From Above"  16"x20" Scrathcboard.  Nearly completed.
copyright 2014 Alan Bennett and BBVA
one.   It stems from a old piece of artwork that I wanted for a company logo years ago.   But now it seems that it will again get the chance to show again in a much larger and bolder piece.
The other piece is called "Walking with Richard Parker".  This image seems to go right along with the deep sea diver motif I have been working on over the last year.  What I like t about this one is the fact that the figure is coming right at you rather than off to just the side at a three quarter view which is something that I like to do.
I've got a feeling that this is going to be  a very strong piece.
The poster is already done and looks awesome.  So this is a show that I can really get behind.
Close up of "Walking with Richard Parker" in progress
copyright 2014 Alan Bennett and BBVA

The wand scanner that I have is okay but not fantastic.  For smaller scratchboard piece it's great but the stitching together process is a major pain.  I just wish that the so called "industrial scanners" could be made more affordable to the working artist so we all could make one pass over larger pieces of art work without the flaws that come along with the smaller ones.
Nice to keep the little guy down.

AS OF THIS writing now, "Death From Above" is completed and is ready to be sprayed with varnish and framed -sweet!
NEXT is "Walking with Richard Parker".  I am hoping to have completed this evening and ready for varnishing.

OUTSIDE OF THE SHOW STUFF- is now onto other work pertaining to....


It's been a while since I have been able to cobble up some imagery for the Graphic Novel but I still keep plugging away this because I KNOW IT WILL ROCK!
There has been one difficult hurtle to jump though and it has to deal with the ever pervasive illustrated love scene between characters without coming across without being super pervy to readers let alone any friends and the repercussions of what family and friends think of your work (and your inner psyche).  A whole personal expose into your inner sexual workings comes out and I am sure nobody like to let that all hang out!   A depiction is hard to illustrate and I don't think I am alone in this feeling of "GAWD, do I really have to do this?".
The answer is no you don't but IF IT IS IMPORTANT to the story and the motivation of main characters you have to do it.  Especially when there is no text being written down.
So there you go, buck up and show that trust!


so as I am looking over Facebook this morning through the newsfeed I see that Eric Powell posts this image of one of the most annoying thing that any comic book buyer/fan can do to another artist's table.

   I would normally have been like "Jeez dude do you mind?" or at least ask BUT after the piss poor deal at Crypticon this last year this really fucking bugged me.

   Cmon!  Really?

   I think that me tabling these days is going to be akin to the Old Man Johnson sitting out on his porch and saying "Get off my table, damn dirty kid!" (regardless of age of the offender).

There are always things that get me and this was a positive aspect that I like about people learning their own personal style of artistry.  So take a look here I think it is enlightening. 

Not at the moment- unless I look in a mirror.

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