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Hey sports fans, Al here with the latest:

Well the week has been interesting and of course assessing the fallout from the Crypticon show this last week but the Kid isn't gonna take it and lay down and curl up in a log and go into hibernation and wait till next year for something to happen.  
Nope, not by a long shot.  Again, those fragile egos artists have can get jilted pretty good and I thought that I was past that years ago.  But having shit happen to be throw at you like monkey poo like printing and shows can still hit me.
I guess I was wrong and I'm still affected by that kind of stuff.
No biggie really though because I did what I had to do and relieved myself of this issue like a hiker getting up in the morning and stepping out of a tent and taking a wiz right into the face of nature.
But art don't stop just because yer having a bad day bucko, shows or anything else like that  your personal life.  It (the ART)  says you got just buck up and do it, so with that I move on.
There will be other shows for sure to go to but as this latest  one it was a learning experience and  either I pony up the cash for a vendors table and not worry about people encroaching in on my territory that I paid for OR don't go to a show.
Simple as that.

But then there is the art that needs to be made which has  been put on hold for the last couple of months but I will get to that in a second.

But firstly art that does sell!
And one of those sales took place at the 88 STRONG show that went up about month before the Crypticon came on.
Now in years past this show is a group that I had been part of which was always kind fun for me since I get to hang out with my art buddies and swill beer and munch on chips and down a few brauts.
So now "Gunslinger" is hanging up in somebody's house.  Yay!
So when you sell a piece like that,  that's kinda cool.  And that happened on top the my bad feelings from the Crypt show.  And of course when I also got  word that I had sold another t-shirt at NWIPA- bonus!  And I wasn't even there having to push it.  COOL! 
 When work like that goes out to the public you feel that even if you had a bad time at a show other things come together to prop you up when you're feeling down.
Now keep in mind that this group of work (The painted stuff not the t-shirts) was painted in color not etched like the scratchboard.  Thats a big deal for me because color and my painted work (in my opinion) are my weak points for art so a sale like that is awesome!

And now with the show worries outta of the way other projects can be focused upon.  That means Corpse Cop can finally get lettered and edited like it needs to for the next comic show.

"Inhuman Torch" is going to move forward with the help of Paula Akin to help edit the book for me.  With Jason Pott (NeoTrash Comix) who has edited my books as well a Adam Watson (Darkslinger Comics) I can't take up any more of their time as they focus on their separate projects for their companies.  I do really thank you guys a lot for helping me out over the last couple years dudes.  Go out there sell your books and kick ass!

But after this  Corpse Cop story gets edited and printed the previous  "Arctic Wolf" storyline will be printed too. After that  I will  need to focus of the secular pieces of artwork to sell at other shows up and down the I-5 Corridor.  And that means making different t-shirts, tons of more buttons, more types of postcards (Like modeled after Richard Parker, the Deep Sea Diver) and the prints!

BUT THAT doesn't mean I will stop creating comics though.  I will continue to keep thumbnailing stories and posting images every once in a while because I have a small window time to crank that stuff out.  It's fun for me to work on that and just keep it for a later date to work on when I have more cash to spend on printing it and time to work on it.  

HOWEVER along that point I will be working on one comic related project that I believe that has great potential to stand out from the rest of the stories I have ever worked on and you probably have already guessed at what I have been talking about - The DREAMS OF ELYSIUM story.


It slowly comes together as I continue to work on the marker compts for the rough layouts.   The physical book is beginning to look like a monster of a book.  The scratchboard idea could be very labor intensive for me but when that work is completed and completely edited and ready to print that's where the hard work is gonna come in.   Kickstarter or GoFundMe will come into play to help pay for the printing, shipping and the incentives.  And that will take some planning and research to market it because I need to look at the international copyrights of printing and selling books overseas because of the way the book is set up to sell.
Any worth while endeavor like this is worth doing well and prepared for.
A long process to sure of but I don't want to go in blind with a work like this otherwise I'll get blind sided and spend a shit ton money that I don't have.


Nothing yet, but this is Portland and anything could happen.

Already mentioned it above.

Fun stuff.
As Doug Jones was the HIGHEST point of the Crypticon Experince I also received notice from Tumblr that Doug Jones is now following me!  That's pretty awesome in my book.

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