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Hey there sports fans, Al here with the latest:

Well Crypticon 2014 is now just another memory and sadly something that I will not think of fondly as I have in the past of last year's show.
Now I realize that may sound like a downer but there are reasons for my choice of words for a show that I hold high praises for in the past.
Now firstly I should say all the prep work has been highly successful everything of the promise of post cards and prints.
Couldn't have done it without help of others.   Thank you all so much.
Last minute snafu's (postcards not ready on time my end of things and last minute stand in's), Travel time, Check in times, cheap food, stress of making cash off of sales to cover table fees. gas, lodging, after parties and break down of set up heading home.
And there is is so much good things that came out so really it comes down the pros and cons of the show.


So here we go, drum roll please....

1).  Hot Damn! Getting to do the show again.  Had a blast for last year and did well so really looking to crush it this year with new material.   SWEEEETTAHH!
T-shirts- check.
Postcards- check.
Limited Edition Prints- check.

2). Company of friends.  Adam Watson, Devon Devereaux, Robert Diaz, Sean Hemak, Jason Pott, Robert Diaz  and of course George Leon. I don't think it would have been possible to keep a real postive attitude towards the cons of the show but I'll get to that soon enough.  
Thank you guys of the PORTLAND CREW.  You're all AWESOME!
A special thanks to George Leon.  Dude really a saving grace at this show for helping listening to me vent about this whole show and situations becuase you were right there in the trenches with me.  Thanks buddy I hope we can have another show together.

3). Guests:  OF EVERYTHING OF THIS SHOW Doug Jones has to be in my opinion the jewel in crown of nice guys.  I never met a actor who gave hugs out so freely or so honestly.  And though he is an actor he seemed genuinly touched by the present of art I gave him for his birthday on Saturday.  This I think will stand out as one my favorite celeberaty momements in my life.
Jeffery Combs I think was was next runner up as far as celebs go.  Perhaps a little more tradional in his interaction with fans go but as actors go but warm and pleasant to shake his hand and say that I enjoyed his acting work for Star Trek (DS9 and Enterprise).

4). SQUARE.   A good 3rd to half of my business sales were through this little beast. Welcome to the 21 Century! 

THE CONS(!) I WILL WARN YOU, THIS IS A MAJOR BITCH FEST!  So if you want to stop, please do so for I am not going to be nice in what I write next.

Ah but here comes the pain like thumbscrews and electro shock treatment to help with my sudden blurting out of turrets syndrome - FUCK!

1). Tables.  Being mad at a table is not the issue.  It did not attack me but what did happen was the lack of knowing where our table was.  That was frustrating.  So we set up camp where we thought we'd make the best spot.  This may have proved to be our un-doing.  But the first day was hard to tell because there were so many looky lu's in house just scooping out what.

2). Window Wall paper of sponsors.  There's nothing quite like working on a piece of original artwork with a sharp instrument like and x-acto knife and having a 8 foot tall pieced together post land on your head.  Fantastic!  Use duct tape to hold these this stuff up man.

3). NUBES!  This might take a little bit longer than most of the issues that I had with the other shows of the past and mind you this deals with not one but two tables right accross from each other that grated on me like fucking tectonic plates.  Watch out, there he goes!
   I do really understand that if you have never set up a table before at any show that your going to make mistakes but this travesty of errors just kept going.
Friday load in had us in a pretty good spot that was on a corner to be seen on different fronts but then a person I will call Dogman came into the light, so to speak.
I know there are people with service dogs that are help the people out with either carrying supplies, know when people are having a seizure or even stress but if that were true why is this guy dressed as a zombie and drinking a beer out on the floor?  If this were truely a service dog go get me some brew boy!
  But Dogman was not alone no he was with family that had  Dad, Mom, even Grandma  drafted into helping selling a book by clogging up the hallway.  Not cool.
  Problem is the term "Service Dog"  because as a person can't ask someone to leave because of their special needs.  Well swilling beer ain't of them in my book!
And the thing was Dogman wasn't even the vendor selling the work at the table he was brother!  How's this show working again?
NOW THIS was not the only nube that we had to deal with at the show even though Dogman and fam were already rubbing us the wrong way.   IN ROLLS SATURDAY- the KING day of frustration for this kid.
As George and I have already had a good breakfast to get the ball rolling here and walking into the show table we now have a neighbor who is setting up shop -like in a major way.  Didn't I see that vendors were to have their load in and set up the day before, like yesterday on Friday night?  That's what I thought.
A artist alley table is 6'x2' and these guy's display who I will call Oddball (NOT THEIR REAL NAMES!)  have a backdrop that is easily 8' wide by 8' tall.  
Then on top of that they have a computer monitor that takes almost another two feet on the side of their table so that make it 8 foot table space.  Does anybody else have that going on?  Fuck no.  "Real estate" like that for a small vendor like Black Box Visual Arts or Custom Comic Shop get real territorial and I felt like we we getting our dicks stepped on!  Isn't there somebody keeping out an eye for this?
BUT TO ADD INSULT TO INJURY  The Oddball (NOT THEIR REAL NAMES!) people don't sit behind their table like normal vendors but force feed every single person walking by standing in front of their table.  
I flipped out.  As I came around the corner there were a number of people talking in front their table at Oddball. When I asked them to move because coupled with Dogman and crew directly across the way everything was bottlenecked.  No person could get through.  
Sit behind or off to the side of the table display and talk to your friends BUT this guy began to debate me about  it. 
 DUDE!  Get a clue man, I'm a vendor your not, fuckin' bounce!  Of course I didn't say that but I did ask them to move and guy wouldn't.  I was ready to pop this guy right in the face but turned around told George I had to go outside and chill for a bit.
  The day came to a close but everything I had just experienced left a terrible taste in my mouth.
Sunday rolled around as George and I had a slow beginning for the morning coming in about a half hour later but we would not be 
deterred from eating.

But when the forces of Dogman and Oddball join all I could do do was laugh (and make snarky comments) in the hopes that the universe heard it.

We'll see.  But blocking the isle with people is a safety hazard, blocking sponsorship with a huge ass display is bad form because with out it no sponsorship, no show.  It hurts everybody.

And as George hit right on the head "Just because you have champagne tastes doesn't mean you can do it on a beer budget."

SO NOW THE QUESTION IS as always would I go back to this show?  HELL NO!  

There is no way i would go back UNLESS I had some kind assurance that this kind vendor behavior world have a "no tolerance" in effect and ENFORCED.  No vendor I have ever known in the last 15 years of doing shows have ever done this before and continued to do it even after being asked (though heatedly) to please step behind the table. And multiplied by 2X ? - UNBELIEVABLE!  Bad bad form guys!  Thanks for leaving a bad taste here.  

AN EMAIL was issued out to the promoter this morning (as of this Thursday morning) to let the people at Crypticon know that this was a terrible ssituation that I would not subject myself to again for any reason what so ever.  The only way to make this right is either a vastly discounted table or a vendor's table in the main room a.k.a The Red Room.

IF anything from the experience has giving me is applying the Devon Devereaux Method of selling product and it did well for me all things considered up above.
I should mention that I do commissions. It usually depends size, complexity of the piece, varnished and framed.  I.E. Gilrandree Commission 11"x14" varnished, one subject, no frame- $175.00  Usually half down and half on completion of project.  Easiest way for payments is through Paypal  using my email address
If you are curious about it please email me at

Even though the new books weren't ready for sale the next show I should be attending The Rose City Show should see two new CORPSE COP BOOKS!    "Arctic Wolf" story and "Inhuman Torch" story should be ready for sale.

But if you wanta play catch up check out this link for the one CC's first adventures here


Amonst the urging of both close friends as well as what I have already stated for backing away from comics and focusing  on strictly artwork this Graphic Novel stands apart.  As the pages and format start to take place the scope of book is beginning to really look very cool.  Its sometimes difficult because the story is told strictly through the use of the images, nothing else.
Even the white marker that I have been using could almost be used and orinted in it's own book .  Which it might.

Already mentioned it above.

Fun stuff.  
More of this info can be found at

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And the kid is out of here!

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