Monday, August 18, 2014

So what do you do when...

UPDATE on S.A.B.A. (or also know as Scratch and Burn Art Show)
There are a lot of looks when it comes to the show and this show isn't really any different 'cept the fact that this time I have limited edition prints for sale.  BUT not enough of the prints to represent show that I have up currently.
This something to think about when having a show.  My originals as great as they are are out of reach for some people who really like the work.  

Still waiting on something to sell (as far as I know) from See See's. Though that may sound like a troll waiting for some unexpected traveler to cruise on by but when you are looking to make a move from just making art work a hobby to a self supporting business you are always in survival mode.
HOWEVER...there are commissions.
Troy Tattoo Commission 2014
This is true as I have found a small commission for working on a friend's tattoo. But it really more alike a outline that anything else but sales being a little slow this summer I'll take it.
Here is an example of what I was commissioned for. Of course keep in mind that this is just an outline that I was commissioned for not the detail. But hey, it worked and the funny thing is it will be around for a long, long time.
Also being able to get a few prints made up for the images already hanging doesn't hurt either.  
"Major Tom"  now in print size format.
Remember how I was talking about not having prints available along with the originals that were up at the Scratch and Burn Show? Well by the good graces of the Universe my Girlfriend was kind enough to print me off a couple so now the inventory grows as well as the way I'll pay her back. And now so “Major Tom” is now part of the prints I have up for sale at See See's.
With shows going on and hopefully other shows to come how you generate revenue?
Well that is the question isn't?  So knowing that my artwork really lends itself to the Halloween season and typically darker, edgier stuff. I have to think about cards and prints. And of course the originals as well.  So now comes the time to really push myself to understand the INTERNET structure and on line business to make my work work for me.
This means looking at on line stores like Etsy, Big Cartel etc. to move the work in the post cards as sets and giclee images of my original artwork on scratchboard.   
Galleries will still show the original work and offer to the public the giclee's as low priced alternative (that is, until all people are blessed with being independently wealthy).

SO what is the big deal this time to talk about? People who don't pay for prints and originals that's what.
Not something that a lot of artists like to deal with because it always leaves a bad flavor in your mouth like biting into what looks and smells like a great scramble and then bite and you have egg shells in your teeth. Yuck!
Years ago I ran into a problem like this and it was a friend of friend who commissioned me for a drawing (and mind you I did have a contract written up and signed) but it wasn't what he wanted and and eventually all he wanted was a illustrative tracing of his gal pal. And he only paid for a partial. Well being only small fry I let walk because hey man, I had some cash in pocket. But it did set up the idea of “don't do work for friends”. They will always take advantage of you – especially the people you have known the longest.
Now in more recent years as my artwork has gotten a lot more “radio play”, I haven't had to make a contract with anyone because they all were pretty cool about the half down half on completion of said project along with the customary three strikes rule I use to narrow the focus of what I am working on.
But every once in a while there comes along a friend who does get in under the radar and asks that question and of course you think no problem. These people make money all the time at the bar in their tips so of course you start working on the project before even a piece of money comes across your hand.
BUT admittedly I did change up the work from a 5”x7” to a
Failed Commission "Gentle Giant"  9"x12"
9”x12” scratchboard and in a frame because I liked this person and it was a present for a birthday. But when piece was done “I can't afford that right now.” No problem, I know you're good for it.
Weeks turned into months and still no word even though I had gone into the bar many times but no a word was mentioned. Eventually, I just got tired of waiting and asked if the piece was still there. Yes it was according to the other bar tenders there so I just went down to their office and retrieved the work.
I guess that shows that the best of intentions doesn't mean you're gonna get anything out of it, just empty promises. So learn from the School of Hard Knocks that you should always have a contract with who ever wants you to do artwork for them and get a signature and payment so you're not wasting your time on something that nobody else would ever want.

So lesson learned.
And the kid is out of here.

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