Sunday, February 2, 2014

"Hop" UNDER way.

Hey there sports fans , Al here with the latest:
Well as the month begins to get closer and closer to the end A show looms in the distance.  HOP THRU THE HEART.
And if you haven't figured out that is a play on words for the fact that the show  will be hung up on Valentine's Day and opening the following Saturday.
Planning this is happening way faster than I was expecting,  But I think that I can do it.  Lot's of things beginning 
to fall into place .  But I get back to it art to crank out and paint !

An Overview of some of the new work that will be featured
at "Hop Thru the Heart" show next month at N.W.I.P.A.
Copyright 2014 Alan Bennett and BBVA

There is a bit more that you can check out at this spot for details

Poster for the "Hop Thru the Heart" show.

Now the biggest thing is that I have been so damn busy working on art work I had not posted last week about the pieces as they are coming along.  Each always has something more to be added to make just about right before showing.  unfortunately (heh) they will never be perfect because if they were I'd be a God of Art.  So far I haven't seen that title being added to the working man titles yet but I am waiting.
"Down with the Weirdness" 16"x20"
Almost done.
Regardless of that, here is a few images for the update.  I still have to finish about two painted pieces left to go and I still have to get out and poster the area near the show to see if I can drum up some more work with a few other bar/lounges near Foster before I make the jump to approching just solid art galleries.  i know a lot of my friends would say "Just do it!" but like a resume for a new job, you have to build the gallery shows especially if your showcasing solo work.

Outside of show -and snow!

Darkslinger Table Set up.




Show floor setup.

Mean Cupcake Girl.
 (just kidding she was really nice.)

Toby Cat!
Now this was a odd kinda of thing for the kid because it was a trip for just visiting an old friend and nice break from the regular day grind that I have been doing for about the last two years at the two jobs I have + art.  Adam Watson of Darkslinger had asked both George Leon and myself if we would be interested in heading out to see Angie and her kids out in Clarkston WA.  We had both said yes but to unforseen things one George's kids had a burst appedndix and rushed to the hospital.  He doing is doing better now and in recovery. 
So that just left me and Adam  to head over.  
After a evening of helping Angie's kids with some of their 4H projects art wise- we got in the SUV and headed north to Pullman WA the following morning.  
The show and size were about on par with the Olympia Comic Fest but seemed to be better prepared and organized for both Vendors, guestes and visiting public.  The one thing that we weren't exspecting was the snow.
Though that didn't stop us from getting there we just had not done a show where there was enough snow to make several snowmen.
Aside from that sales for Darkslinger were surpirsingly good.  Something we weren't exspecting  but like good troopers we manned up!  
Now the question was why didn't I bring anything with me to sell?  In my opinion, you should never presume that you have the right to show any of your own work at somebody's table.  It's just bad from. Besides that you shouldn't take away from that person's ablity to sell their work    I just didn't feel up to bring anything this time around and just man the table for Adam when he stepped away so he could stretch his legs.  
Though small and first round for a show we were both impressed by the set up and ease to get in and set up.
As with so many pros and cons of any show I think the only two were the time it stayed open to and the cosplay contest.  The time it stayed open to 6pm just wasn't gonna work for this show.  By 5pm most of the vendors had already bugged out.  Weather may have played a part but I don't think it was.  The other was as soon as the cosplay contest was over all sales just died and evoprated.  So that's about it would I go back?
One of the better ideas
 we had seen for a show.
Yes but I think it's time to start bring Black Box with it's own table again.  I am pretty sure that I could have sold a fair amount of work had I brought anything to sell.

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And of course is always the backlog of comics here at Indyplanet.

And that is it for the kid and I am out of here.

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