Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Way things work out.

Hey there sports fans, Al here with latest:
As what I thought was gonna be a slow beginning of the year but I was oh so wrong about that. 

Well three commissions have been completed and one has been paid in full and I am waiting on the other  two right at the moment.  All good things. So more commissions as of yet but that is only a matter of time  as I work on the projects at home or out and about.

BIG 400 - Aftermath.
I love the sound of that just because it sounds oh-so-ominous.  The sales of the work have come down from the show and results are in 6 of 10 pieces sold which was awesome but after looking at what was left I think I have a better understanding why they didn't sell.  This is to say they are not bad pieces of work but someone leaves behind Corpse Cop
that makes me think I need to just make more dynamic looking pieces.  Action was always something that keeps the work looking cool.  Just look at the "Deep Sea Calamari"  The others pieces that sold at O.M.S. were also a action based image "In the Nick of Time".  So I think I might to start working on that as well, the theme anyway.
With that amount of money that has been generated recently it allows me to roll it over into other merchandise such as the t-shirts that I had talked about last year.
I also have been talking to other artists recently about incorporating the company so I am not just bleeding money out as a hobby but as a serious business.  I know that other friends of mine have been after me to do this but I just didn't take the advise under advisement.  I think when you spend a lot time with friends they are your family and sometimes when you have heard the same thing from them over and over you kinda don't hear those comments anymore.  It's not that you don't care you just accept that they are always going to keep saying it.  In a weird way you kinda expect it.  Almost a comfort because you know they care about your well being and only want the best for you.    The other things are following up with a real website being paid for and setting up a time to talk to some print shops not to far from the house to make exactly that affordable prints of the work.  
Y'know diversifying the merchandise and being able to sell anything to everyone at different income scales. 

HOP THRU THE HEART -an art show
As things had begun to slow down for the end of the year of 2013 other items began to line up as soon as the new year began The Hop Thru The Heart Art Show is one of those.
As I had just finished with bringing down the OMS from last year and had turned in work for the BIG 400 had just been dropped off and as I was just sitting back and doodling at the bar and I was asked to see if I would be ready to have a show up and running for N.W.I.P.A. in February of this year. With the amount of work already produced for OMS and previous work from other shows of the past such as the work from the 88 Strong show.  And a few other smaller one off pieces from other solo projects.
So we'll see how it turns out.
It will run from the February 15 to March 15th.  Maybe a shorter amount time than most shows but it will be long enough for a good show.
For more info on the February show check here for details.

Things have been pretty good and can't complain.  But there was a interesting little bit earlier this week as I found out that a commssion that I had done for Lazy Bones Studios "Anne Frankenstein" not only made it into a new portfolio ( I have the first one) they had just published and it looks like I also got the cover as well.  SWEET!  That is one helluva feather in the artistic cap.

You can check that out here for details.  

Anne Frankenstein Copyright 2014 Lazy Bones Studios

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