Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A week after

Hey there sports fans All here with the latest:

So it is already a week into the show and it only feels like yesterday that the show was underway at N.W.I.P.A.  for the Hop Thru the Heart show started.  It has been a strange run so far with lots if ups and downs.  A few days after the show began I had felt a certain disconnection with anything artistic.  This was hard for really I hadn't anything to really stress out about.  I mean the night before had been successful sale and a big one as well for the Kid. 
  Pehapes is was seperation anxiety of an artist and their creation?  Just an idea.

"Down with the Weirdness"  - Sold!
And a potential for more custom work down the road and as far back east as Brooklyn New York.  To me that is EXTREMELY awesome.  In New York there are a number of movers and shakers that coukd see this west coast artist with a very unique art style.  It high time to get things going with the.   contract to be written down.
Of course this also adds another possibility to having the work seen by people in the European community.  
This is a Cool situation for the kid.  I know that the flavor of work that I'm doing would sell well there particularly around the Baltic States, Gemany, Sweden. Denmark.

It kinda cool when you have sales that you don't have to even push.  The t-shirts are like that right now for me.  And with a second batch in the works based upon The Down with the Weirdness piece I know I could be selling well.   The other avenue of sales are the prints being made off of the large originals.
A number of friends have been after me to think about prints based upon the work but for some reason I haven't followed up with this.   In last 4 to 5 years Is since I moved to P-town interest and style have matured into something really special.  I know that my friends think that they are talking to a brick wall because I don't respond right away and that I am being obtuse but I AM weighing the posiblies of what to sell.  It was a confidence issue with what to put out there.
But now with the chance to push forward other devices are now coming in to the company to help with selling the large scale work.  A wand scanner.
What this little guy will be able to do is allow me to scan my 16"x20" scratchboards (or larger)  at home and make personal adjustments without having to pack up all the from home and traverse distances with original art work that could get damaged easily.
Again the tools of the 21st Century.
By yhe end of this uear I should have prints abd postcards availible to the public.    Sweet!

IT SEEMS that the name building game is going well for me and continues.  A week after the show I was working at the art store and was told by my friend Robert that he had put in a good word for me for another venue for me to show at.  I thought this would be great to get into some other place other than bar lounge.
Then about three days later I was contacted by Vicky and saying that she and her boss would be interested in taking a look at the work as it was hanging already.
But let face facts the work runs a little on the dark side.   And might not be to everybody's liking.  That's a fact and one that I am willing to cop to.

WELL Inhuman Torch is still moving along but a bit slowly but every time I have started working on him again it looks awesome.  I am hoping to have him done soon.

What the Hell you say?  Another comic?
Yes sir another one but one that is just for a fun and is aimed at making a mini comeback that made stand out at the comic shows early on when i first started the show circuit.
This was in response to the Robot Monster piece that I had sold at the HOP show.  I liked it so much and the response I was getting made me just start working on something.  And of course when I started working on it I felt like I was channeling (and still am) Jack Kirby!
Lots of fun and can't wait to see how it turns out!
And I am out of here!

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