Sunday, March 2, 2014

Two Weeks in and a COP

Hey there sports fans, Al here with the latest:

is entering it's third week right now and every time I go in for a pint or two there is always so many people looking at the art work I am pretty sure I am blushing (on the inside of course.  Wouldn't want to tip my hat toooo much).  
   With other events taking place at NWIPA such as the NWIPA TRIPLE IPA FEST gave even more people the chance to take a look.  The poster which I had been commissioned for in scratchboard was now showcasing the windows for the beer event.  Of course now the original now graces Jackson's wall.
Thank you Jackson.
  While I was imbibing and working on Corpse Cop "Inhuman Torch" I was asked to sign the poster I had designed for event  by one gentleman last night.  That was kinda cool.   
There was definately a lot people coming and going for beer and of course the stark nature of black and white catches people attention pretty quickly when a conversation suddenly disappears.

   I've been pretty happy with the turn out so far with this show and the reaction from people.  I also had touched base with the couple that had purchased "Throne of Doom" and how best to frame the piece and the cost.  

But now onto today's agenda

The story has been done for  bit but the artwork has had to catch up.  With the detail I have been working on it's like every frame is a individual piece of artwork pushed together in a mosaic that forms a comic book page.  Not exactly the way I would have originally wanted the book to be put together but this comes from an old conversation I had many years ago   "Every panel should be a piece art that could stand on it's own."

That sentiment has stayed with me ever since  

  So with that in mind I have going over the images that I have quickly made and reworked panels to make every single panel look great.  Sometimes that means I have to rework an entire page.

Page 16 here to your right is one such page that has under gone several revisions since I started working on the story again.  

Of the marker comics I have found that I am literally painting the page with white and black and getting a greyscale in the process.  This is a huge improvement and change when I first started CORPSE COP again. Looking at the way I was producing comics and wanting to do it in  scratchboard just hasn't been feasible.  At least not right now.

Compared to "Arctic Wolf" this story is much more complex in just the look which I am exceedingly happy with.

If your wanting to look at some of the older blogs for Black Box Comix check out here.

And that is it for the Kid and I am outta of here.

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