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Hey there sports fans,  Al here with the latest:
  AS OF THIS  sunday, the Hop Thru The Heart show will have started and on it's way to being another feather in my cap and professional show portfolio.  Again things are starting to work in my favor and we'll see if I can drum up some commission work along the way between shows and the like.  But of course when you are hanging out your work for all to see and there is no subterfuge to deflect issues or displeasure of your work.  All you have is your own work to show and it can in fact, be nerve racking.
  This Thursday (6:40 PM ) as I write this blog because I will not have a lot time to write during the show but I am feeling that little pang of uncertainty.  It's a different kind of feeling than what you would feel as people pass you by when looking at your table for a new comic book to read.  
Doing an art show like this is one of the reasons you ask yourself "Why put a maximum amount of effort into something that has little return?"  Don't get me wrong, I love working on comics!  
But simple truth is if I want to be a successful artist I have to literally look at the big picture.  It just doesn't make sense especially at this stage of the game for me to keep working and slaving away on something that is stifling me from becoming a successful artist.  I have worked hard on my comics and have found a small group of supporters for the work but why hadn't I used the contacts that I have made over the years to push myself forward?
  That's a question that will probably be answered when I am on my deathbed.  BUT BACK TO THE SHOW- there is a silver lining with all the comic work I have done.  It set a standard for cranking out work fast.  With the branching out with merch, work has already started selling before the show has gone up.  The tee-shirts are already selling and that is a good strong sign that I know what the hell I am doing.
Tonight after the amount of work that I will be dealing with at the art store and the weather seems to be nasty for this early this week with snow and ice and now water could be the biggest culprit that could ruin any artist.  But planning in advance for anything like putting things in plastic boxes and asking for help in transportation.  It kinda funny that NWIPA is at best a block and a half away from my house but at 7:00 - 7:30ish traffic on two streets and a small park to traverse getting work to them would be a major hassle.  Come to the rescue Dan DePaolo - AGAIN.  On top of that my roommates  (A.K.A. my Fan Club) were there at show's hanging of pieces.  Nothing beats a good jab when have a beer in one hand and piece of art to hang in the other!
There was an "add on" I needed while I was hanging the work on Friday night and I think it is worth note because I think it's funny as hell -THE ARTIST'S STATEMENT.
While I was hanging the work my aforementioned fan club got a hold of the artist's statement and realized that I have a tendency to switch back and forth between 1st person and 3rd person when I write.  I think this has always been an issue for myself because as I write I visualize the way someone else might look at what they are seeing rather than focusing on what I have right in front of me.  I think that is stems to seeing that approval from others but this is what it looks like

What I hate about Artist’s Statements is that they are nothing more than a selfish way of saying, “These works have such deep meaning.”  If you like my work, great.  You don’t need me to ramble on about it.  LET THE WORK SPEAK FOR ITSELF!
That being said, here is my Artist Statement and a little about my background. 
Growing up I was heavily influenced by sci-fi movies and television of the 1950’s and 60’s, as well as the “Sword and Sorcery” movies and books of the 1970‘s 80’s.  I loved anything that twisted and distorted reality.
I had a natural gift for drawing, and in art school I learned many artistic techniques that could be applied to my stand-alone scratchboard pieces. I am extremely motivated and a self-starter, so I’m always working towards a new plateau in the medium.  Scratchboard is it for me.  I imbed the work with serious content and distort the masses!
I breathe, think, and sleep art.  My work reflects many of my passions and interests. 
I am many different things to many different people.

Contact me for commissions at OR OR (541) 870-5267

A late night for the kid putting the work out and closing out the bar.

WELL tonight is the night that the show gets underway officially.  Now as I was hanging and putting up pieces people started to look at what was going up.  But they didn't want to interfere with asking questions.  Thank you guys for those small favors.  

But the work still continues on but this time I will be ready with square apt device to sell work wall pieces, sketchbooks , comics, small 5"x7"s buttons and t-shirts.  
I say thank you Mr. George Leon for lending me his square for making that possible since I couldn't find mine anywhere.

Waking from my deep sleep it was time to assess the damage I inflicted upon others around me last night.
Firstly I was impressed by how many people showed up.  A lot people I didn't think would show up did.  That surprised me and made me very happy.  That set a great mood for the rest of the night.  Of course as the show began to get underway Jackson Wyatt rolled out some snackings for people to eat while drinking.  The regulars for NWIPA were already in the house and keep coming in which was cool because they had sen how the work was progressing in the bar.
Then of course there was the change in the music.  Jackson and Dan have taste for a particular type of music that they play for their establishment but let present my own playlist  on top the event.  A bit of music that has inspired me over the decades of doing art work.  The first out of the gate as ipod was set for random was Ennio Morricone "The Ecstasy of Gold" from the Good the Bad and Ugly.  Perfect!

Well the night went well is all I really could say so thank you so much to all those people friends and family that came out to support the kid. 
And trust me folks, there is a whole lot more to come.  
Bigger work, prints to be made and pricing to go up.
The show will be up for the next month and if your needing to know where and when check out this link for directions.  (click here).

"Robot Monster"
5"x7" scratchboard SOLD!

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