Sunday, January 20, 2013

Looking Lively

Hey there sports fans Al here with the latest:

"Perception is the fog of humanity. Be the light seen, not the sound heard." - B. Marrs.

On this years docket we have the following Northwest Shows 
Feb 28- March 1-3 For Big Comic Book show the Emerald City ComiCon - Seattle WA.

April 27 and 28, for comic book show here in town Stumptown Comics Fest- Portland OR.

May 24-26 for the Crypticon Show in Seattle WA.

September 21-22 for the Rose City Comic Con -Portland OR.

November 2  for the Jet City Show - Taccoma WA. -

That's basically a show at the end of every month for the next 3 months till September.  The only wild card in the bunch is the Crypticon.  Having never been to that show I am still working out the details currently with my art buddies. 

CTS #2 Page 9, Panels 1 &2 2013 Copyright
Alan Bennett and BBVA
Still working on issue #2.  Page 9 is taking up a lot of my time currently.  With Gallery work stepping up the comics always seem to take a back step all the time.  But have no fear there, Corrax's story arc is already done as the writing goes but it takes time to color these books and coordinate with Jason and his busy schedule for him to edit the issue.   

Two things are happening with this mono epic, collecting the raw materials which is about 1/5th done at this time and retooling the the transitional images in the place of the narration.  
   When I have mentioned this project to the uninitiated who have only seen a couple of the scratchboard pieces and they seem interested.  And to those who have seen my work already (both working artists and interested parties) look at me like "Are you crazy?"
Yes, I am.  I know the quality of my work.  I am not the greatest story teller out there but I am sure the hell going to give it my best damn shot. 
I'm gonna do the book that I would want to collect and have in my collection.

The show I have at the Hawthorne Hideaway will be up till March from what I understood from Rita the curator there.
"D WITCH" 8"X8" scratchboard 2012 copyright
Alan Bennett and BBVA
This is cool for me because if I come up with some more work I would be a place for me to put things up.  Most of work and themes seems better suited for pubs and bars rather than actual galleries. This stems more from the subject matter that I am drawing from.
As to the BIG 300 show of last month and year, 8 of 10 pieces sold.  
80 solid percent outta of 100!  That's pretty cool in my book.  I may not have sold all in that first night like my friend Rosy but I am still refining my technique as I work every new piece.
And this funnels down to the 5"x7" scratchboards too along with the new color being added.  I am going to need to add a new light cool grey color to my marker pallet to make this new work pop.  I have always when working with color start off with mono chromatic works to get the feel how much I can push the color on a medium that I already have a good understanding off like scratchboard.
Should be a good show.  Nearly the one man show that I have been wanting to do towards the end of last year.  I am liking this more and more.   What was a old piece for a old show is new again.
Now for the month of February with Valentine's Day just around the corner is the "For the Love of Portland show"  This show is different from the Ben Pink show "Portland Love Show" of the last two years.  The biggest difference is the fact there will be a physical piece up instead of the on line gallery.
I am still not really convinced as a creator that showcasing art work like that on line  even works though I know that runs counter to selling the comics on line.

"CHROME STAG"  11"X14" scratchboard 2013
copyright Alan Bennett and BBVA
The piece I call "Chrome Stag" is already done.  11"x14" Scratchboard varnished and framed.  Pretty cool considering I have another 3 weeks to have it in by.  This somehow freaks out some of my art buddies by being able to turn out this volume of work.  To me, it's just the creative process.

I do commissions depending size, complexity of the piece, varnished and framed.  Usually half down half on completion of project.  Easiest way for payments is through Paypal  using my email address
Old blog for Black Box Comix entries can be found here at
And this kid is outta here.

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